Polyamorous Relationships: A Definition of Polyamory and how it Works

The conventional belief is everyone should seek one soul mate and commit to that individual completely. However, there are people who do not believe one person can fulfill their requirements in a relationship. Hence why they prefer having several partners. 

However, with a polyamorous relationship, you require consent, immense trust, open-mindedness, clear boundaries, mutual respect, and communication skills without feeling jealous, if you want it to work in the long run. 

Several studies show that about 8% of the US population are in a polyamorous relationship. 

What Is a Polyamorous Relationship?

Polyamory, also known as consensual non-monogamy, is the practice where an individual has several intimate relationships with the consent and knowledge of the partners who are a part of the relationship. It isn’t gender-specific. So, you can have multiple partners of any gender, irrespective of what is your own gender. You can meet Latin singles on dating sites in polyamorous relationships and spend time fulfilling your needs. 

It is basically a kind of non-monogamous relationship which is different from the other relationships. The relationship involves multiple people instead of just two. It is often characterized by a prime couple openly engaging with other romantic partners. In this case, the sexual liaisons are enacted independently or as a couple. 

For a few, a polyamorous relationship involves having a relationship with multiple people while having one main partner. However, for other people, it is the possibility of being in two different relationships. 

How Does a Polyamorous Relationship Work?

The primary reason a polyamorous relationship isn’t common is that they don’t follow a cultural, social, religious, or traditional construct of relationships. It works for people who have to travel a lot for their work, maintain long-distance relationships, and do not want to cheat on their partners. 

You have to keep in mind that when it comes to polyamorous relationships, the concept of cheating doesn’t exist. This is because both the parties involved have to be completely honest about the relationship they are having. 

So, being in a polyamorous relationship comes down to the individuals who are involved in it. This kind of relationship might work for some people. However, you have to be transparent and open to maintain a polyamorous relationship. 

While the boundaries related to polyamorous relationships are different than that of a monogamous relationship, they still exist. It might be by putting a limit on the time you can be spend with each partner or defining who can enter the relationship. 

To make sure that issues don’t arise, you need to maintain an open communication. Nevertheless, jealousy might still manifest even when you are open with your partners. Polyamory will work if both the partners are philosophically and emotionally on board with this concept. Even then it is quite challenging to get rid of insecurity. 

What Is the Difference Between Polyamorous and Open Relationships?

Often, the polyamorous relationship is taken to be the same as an open relationship. Nevertheless, that isn’t the case, even when both are taken to be monogamous. 

When it comes to polyamorous relationships, it is not just about sex. But an open relationship is defined as someone having outside sexual relationships that don’t form into relationships. 

Polyamory is about having multiple relationships where emotional connection and love are the driving forces. 

Benefits of Polyamorous Relationship

People practicing polyamory don’t consider monogamy as a realistic practice. They might argue that it is inevitable and that people might have the urge to sleep or pursue someone who isn’t their life partner or spouse. By realizing this and working on it, they have come up with a way to keep an important relationship intact. Instead of going through a devastating break-up over a dalliance, it is possible to keep the person that you are in love with, even if he/she seeks to fulfill needs that you cannot. If you are in a polyamorous relationship, you can feel joy over the fact that the significant other has found their own happiness. 

Since dating options are not limited by making a commitment to a person, polyamorous people usually cite freedom of choice as the prime motivator for practicing polyamory. With polyamory, you will be able to seek out a whole network of people that cater to your physical and emotional needs for support and intimacy. When you have an extensive relationship experience, you do not get complacent or bored in a relationship. This will help you to get to know yourself and your partner better. 

A study has shown that this kind of choice and freedom helps in strengthening a relationship instead of hurting it. In a polyamorous relationship, having different patterns means that when you have to raise children, you can share parental duties. 

Nevertheless, you have to make sure you and your partner are on the same page. If one partner wants it and the other doesn’t, it might be threatening to the relationship.

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