Pond Supplies Guide: All You Need to Know

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A pond can be maintained using basic methods and tools, but this cannot hold for long. As time goes by and the fish population in the pond increases, you will need better methods and better tools for dealing with filtration. There are various types of ponds that can take care of your needs, some you may have come across and some you have probably never heard about.

This is a short guide to some of the pond supplies that you should consider getting for your pond.

Submersible Pond Pumps

Having visible pumps in a pond is never a good look; the aim is to make them as subtle as possible, and the best way to do this is to install submersible pond pumps. They usually go under the water and are barely visible, doing their work in the background without drawing any attention.

These pumps come in two types; some have a ceramic filter ring fitted near the intake area to stop objects from being sucked in, while the other type is open, allowing debris in, up to a vein size.

UV Sterilizers

There has been a lot of success in aquariums involving UV Sterilizers. They work by blasting harmful bacteria and other unwanted microscopic animals with UV light, destroying them in the process without disturbing the fish in the water. These sterilizers can be installed inside a pond to achieve the same. They do not have to be big to suit the size of the pool; the trick is to install them near the pump where most of the water has to pass through at some point.

Electric Switch Boxes

Things like pumps and some filtration systems need electricity to function; this opens up another potential hazard. There is always a danger where electricity and water are involved. To avoid this, you will need electric switch boxes. They are boxes located a safe distance from the water where all the electrical connections are safely housed. These connections could be for pumps, fish feeders, skimmers, pond heaters, or pond lights.

Pond Vacuums

Pond vacuums are a revolutionary way of cleaning the pond faster; most are powered by electricity. The biggest challenge of cleaning a pond is usually the sludge and silt that accumulates at the bottom; when that mixes up with food particles and other rotting material, they give off a bad smell and discolor the water. Pond vacuums are one of the very few machines that can deal with that.

Pond Pipes

Ponds are stagnant. For fish to better survive, they need water that moves as this is what makes oxygen be mixed into the water. With most ponds lacking an inlet and an outlet, you will have to artificially create water movement through the use of pipes. These pond pipes use electric pumps to move water around, creating the ideal environment for fish to thrive. Pipes come in very handy when creating waterfalls and cascades.

Air Pumps

Air pumps are another great way of circulating air in the water for the fish, especially in stagnant ponds. Air pumps come in different sizes depending on the size of the pond in question. On top of making air available for the fish, air pumps also help in mixing up the nutrients in the water, spreading them around the pool for beneficial bacteria to feed on. 

Bottom Drains

Bottom drains are a non-intrusive alternative to pond vacuums. They are located at the bottom of the bottom, most times in the middle of it. They draw in water from around them into an inbuilt filter, which then releases the water from another end. These continuous actions not only ensure the water stays clean all the time but it creates a vital water moment at the bottom of the pond.


Skimmers are a common feature in large ponds. They are used to skim the surface of the water to catch debris like leaves, sticks, and any other foreign floating material. Pond skimmers vary based on functionalities and sizes. Some are fitted against the walls of the pond and use a gravity filler system to catch debris. Some are fitted into pumps, and as water is drawn in, the skimmer catches all solid objects for later removal as the clean water is allowed back into the pond.

Pond Lights

On top of making the pond look better when darkness falls, pond lights are good for the fish. They provide security for all the water inhabitants by keeping lurking predators away during the night. Animals tend to keep away from areas that have light. They also keep you and your guests safe, stopping them from accidentally falling into the pond.

Pond Liner

A pond liner is one of the most important parts of any artificial pond. It is the layer of polythene or durable plastic material that stops pond water from leaking into the ground. Without it, your pond will not be able to hold water for long. It is usually installed during construction before silt, and other materials are placed on top to cover it.


Getting the right equipment for your pond will make the difference between success and failure. You do not have to buy all the supplies at once; it should be a gradual process, one thing at a time, as life in the pond grows. To ensure you get the right things, get in touch with pond experts to get advice and recommendations.

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