Pool covers 101: Necessary or unnecessary and a few other questions answered


Pool covers are vital if you are finicky about the cleanliness of the water body and the overall health of the water. But consumer reports claim that only about 10% of pool owners buy pool covers. This disparity is astounding given the fact that the purchase and maintenance of one is not that hard!

In the following article, we are letting the readers be the judge. We have compiled the following list of all the advantages and disadvantages of having a pool cover installed for your water body. Go through them carefully before jumping to conclusions. 

While buying a pool cover always trust the 100% original service and manufacturing ethics.Get in touch with Brisbane Just Pool Covers, who is ideal for a wide variety of pool cover options from simple to designer. Now let us look at the advantages.  

Control the temperature

Pool covers will allow for a 4 °C gain in the average temperature of the pool which will help you save significantly on power bills and utilities. No more electric and gas heaters.

Control the chlorine

If you have a pool installed at your property chances are you will be using chlorine to sanitise the water. Chlorine degrades in the presence of UV rays from the sunlight. When you invest in pool covers, it doesn’t degrade fast thereby reducing the money and time expenditure for the use of the chlorinator.

Control evaporation

In the summer months, evaporation reduces the water content of the pool which means excessive ions and minerals. You can reduce the water loss by investing in a pool cover instead and enjoy the summer swims.

Control leaf load

Pools get loaded with debris from time to time. The debris includes leaves, paper, plastic and other assorted items. Are you tired of picking out the trash from the pool before taking a dip? Install a pool cover and get rid of this pesky little trouble. 

Now we will be looking at the disadvantages,

Yes, it might be unsightly

That is a spot of bother for most of the pool owners. But these days there are a number of choices available with respect to designs and colours.

There are hassles

Uncovering and covering the pool before and after every swim might be a bit of a hassle if you are in a hurry. There are automated options for you in the market as well, so you are covered. 

The salt consumption increases

The non-chlorine chemicals and other salts might accumulate when you use pool covers. In the case of the salt water pool, you have to drain the pool and refill to maintain optimum salinity if you install pool cover during the monsoon months.

For irregular shapes

You might have an irregular shaped pool. In such a case finding the right sized pool cover might be a bit problematic.

So now you need to weigh the pros against the cons for pool covers and decide for yourself should you go for one! Our experts suggest the best interests for a pool is better served by installing pool covers. Which way will you lean?