Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

We all want to have and maintain a happy smile. Yet, tooth decay, discoloration, or a missing tooth is all it takes to lose your self-confidence. Now, whereas there are many treatments to heal our mouths and gums and restore our health, they may not do a smile makeover. Upon recovery, you still have to deal with the challenges relating to the appearance of your gums, bite, or teeth. That is where cosmetic dentistry treatments come into play. Then, what are the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments you can have to restore your smile? Here is a quick guide:

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin porcelain caps that attach to the enamel to conceal and protect it. That way, they preserve the crown and make your teeth look as natural as possible. They help in correcting teeth that are worn out, chipped, poorly shaped, discolored, or have gaps. Plus, they are easy to polish, resistant to staining, and less vulnerable to damage.

To fit teeth veneers, a certified practitioner like Marc E. Lazare, DDS, MAGD must first file down the existing teeth to get their impression. Next, he takes the negative imprint to the laboratory for the lab technologist will make custom veneers. It takes about three weeks from the first appointment to fixing of the custom veneers. Hence, the patient uses temporary acrylic ones as he waits. They will minimize the discomfort due to teeth sensitivity.

The veneering process is pretty pain-free. For the patient feels numb throughout the whole process. Even when the numbness subsides, most patients feel no discomfort afterward. Then, in the first few days after getting the veneers, the dentist recommends eating soft foods only. Later, the dentist will ask you to avoid some types of foods like dark liquids and tobacco chewing.

Tooth Bleaching

Did you know that tooth bleaching can lighten your teeth up to 10 shades in one session? Yes, hence, this cosmetic dentistry treatment gives that quick fix to brighten your smile. No wonder, it is one of the most popular procedures around.

Tooth bleaching is quite affordable, making it accessible to more persons. Plus, once you have the bleach from your dentist, you can proceed with the treatment at the comfort of your home. Still, it is best to use prescriptions from a certified dentist. Otherwise, you may end up spending more money trying out many over-the-counter types of bleach with little success.

Enamel Abrasion

Enamel abrasion treatment works to remove teeth discoloration. Here, the dentist relies on a micro-abrasion gadget that contains fine pumice to scrap off any visible stains. Still, this treatment will vary according to the cause of the staining.

Note that soda is one of the most common causes of teeth discoloration. Do you tend to take soft drinks alongside meals? Know that up to three glasses of soda per day will compromise the enamel abrasion treatment. Other causes include tobacco chewing and drinking coffee or wine.

Enamel Bonding

Now, when you have stains that are far much deeper, consider going for an enamel bonding treatment. The treatment also helps to restore badly chipped teeth. Second, it can protect teeth exposed due to receding gums. Third, the bonding will also act as a filling to seal a tooth cavity. Even so, you can opt for this filling in place of the amalgam, ceramic, composite, or cream metal fillings. Indeed, enamel bonding is quite useful in restoring smiles. Below are some more benefits of the procedure: –

  • It can act as the foundation for the crown
  • It will close fissures or pits
  • It will join orthodontic brackets
  • It helps to desensitize and roots that appear exposed
  • It restores teeth with traumatic defects of classes I to VI
  • It can correct the shape and color of the anterior teeth
  • It will close root canals during endodontic treatments

To perform the enamel bonding procedure, the dentist uses a moldable composite resin material that is in the same shade as your teeth. With the help of a special light, he hardens the bonding material against the chipped or stained tooth to restore the shape and color of your teeth. However, enamel bonding will last for a shorter time than veneers.

Invisalign Braces

Finally, Invisalign braces are clear aligners that help to straighten the teeth in kids, adults, and teens. They offer a more comfortable alternative to metal braces. Second, unlike metal braces with protruding edges and bits, the Invisalign braces are safe for your mouth and gums. Third, the procedure is fully computerized. Hence, you can expect a treatment that is free of trial and error.

The cost and procedure time for Invisalign braces varies from patient to patient, depending on the complexity of the problem. Still, the treatment is much faster than your regular braces. Plus, they will cost slightly more due to their custom nature.

For an effective Invisalign braces treatment, the patient has to wear the braces at least 22 to 24 hours a day for the next 6 to 18 months. During this time, you may have to remove the aligners each time you want to floss, brush teeth, eat, or drink food. Also, you have to maintain high oral hygiene standards to keep the aligners clean at all times.


Other cosmetic dentistry treatments include gingival contouring to correct a gummy smile. The procedure may involve surgical lip repositioning and gingival sculpting. Also, one can have direct implants that keep the teeth firmly implanted on the jaw. Then, if your smile is inhibiting you in any way, seek the appropriate cosmetic dentistry treatment to correct it. You’ll be surprised how easy and faster it is to get the smile you want today.