Professional Landscaping Equipment Checklist for Lawn Care Businesses

Get ready to launch your professional landscaping business today with the right equipment for the job. Whether you’re preparing to expand your existing services or start an entirely new business venture, a reliable skid steer can be the foundation of your company. Find out how a skid steer brush grapple and other accessories can make quick work of even the largest professional jobs.

Hedge Trimmer

Trimming hedges keeps your customers’ landscape looking fresh and inviting. Most smell hedges are best dealt with by using handheld equipment, but a skid steer tree shear attachment can make quick work of large branches or other attractive features.


The foundation of lawn care is a good mower. Pick up a hydraulic driven flail mower for your skid steer to take on thick brush, tall grass and weed-covered fields. This powerful mower can quickly clear the way for you to seed, fertilize or sod an area of lawn. A flail mower is a professional-grade tool that won’t slow down when it comes up against small trees, sticks and other debris.

Particularly steep slopes, brush-covered lawns and other difficult projects may be too much for a typical professional mower. Even zero-turn mowers have their limits, so some projects may need the muscle and traction of a skid steer. Stay safe by investing in the right tools to take on challenging jobs.

Wood Chipper

For larger trees and dead branches, you need a more specialized tool. Easily remove your flail mower and connect a wood chipper to your skid steer. The powerful hydraulic system can grind down tree limbs, small trees and brush to create your own wood chips. Use it as mulch or send it into your truck for efficient removal from the job site.

Unlike a trailer wood chipper, a skid steer alternative gives you the maneuverability you need. A skid steer is a nimble vehicle with plenty of traction and a small footprint, so it can squeeze between buildings and navigate difficult terrain to reach the small tree or branches that need to be chipped.

Rakes and Grapples

Landscaping rakes, grapple buckets and other heavy-duty equipment is perfect for dealing with difficult roots, heavy rocks and other debris that is in the way of your landscaping design or lawn care task. These attachments are particularly versatile for lawn care companies. Use your grapple to haul mulch, tear out shrubs, sift out large rocks and reduce the time and strain of your daily projects.

These implements come in a wide range of lengths and sizes, so you can match your rake or grapple with your typical lawn care projects. The ideal size helps you balance maneuverability and power.

Find the Essential Skid Steer Equipment You Need

Explore other exciting skid steer attachment options online to find the best equipment for the job. Compare an industrial wood chipper, versatile root grapple and dynamic forklift tines attachment to see how you can reduce the effort of maintaining lawns all around your area. Upgrade your existing equipment or set your startup on the right path by shopping for this gear today.

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