Promote your business in Pittsburgh – Get inspired by the leading Instagrammers


Promotion and advertising are essential tools for business success! Your business can belong to any industrial domain. But to reach out to the audience, you need to say yes to social media today. Of the many social media channels, the leading name is Instagram. Most business owners and entrepreneurs make use of Instagram to expand their business and gain potential customers. It helps them get the best word of mouth publicity and loyal customers as well. However, making use of Instagram needs careful study and analysis. 

Making directionless posts won’t make Instagram work in your favor. You need to devise a smart strategy. Often business owners and entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh buy Instagram followers and likesand think they implemented the best strategy. There’s more to do! 

Take inspiration from others

One of the best ways of learning and excelling in anything is to follow the path of the ones who’ve gained ample success or are making their voice heard. The leading Instagrammers in Pittsburgh can help you to decide how to use Instagram to grow your business. These Instagrammers don’t have to belong to your business niche. You can always take note of their Instagram posts and create yours. You can follow the best Instagram profiles in Pittsburgh to get an idea about how to get things done. Their profiles are as follows:

  1. Pittsburghdad – This account knows the obsession one has with weather forecasters.  
  2. 3riversartsfest – Here, you can get to know about two creative weeks during summer.
  3. Thecoma – Here, you can take a virtual tour of the Carnegie Museum of Art.
  4. Kennywoodpark – Go ahead and bring on the potato patch froes and the ski ball. 
  5. Mattressfactory – You can count on this profile for ample artistic inspiration. 
  6. Sandcastlewp – Here, you can count on a float down Lazy River.  
  7. Carnegiemnh – Here, you get to know more on Dippy, the dinosaur.  
  8. Nextpittsburgh – It is an advanced and innovative inspiration that has some of Pittsburgh’s beautiful shots.  
  9. Culturaltrust – You will get to know more about Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. 
  10. Handmadearcade – Here, you will get to know more about the Pittsburghers.  
  11. Pghzoo – Here, you can get to know more about Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium‏. 
  12. Pghcitypaper–This is a city paper that knows all that’s happening Pittsburgh. 
  13. Pghjazzfest–Here you get to know about the Jazzfest.
  14. Pghpubmarket–This profile helps you to take a virtual Pittsburgh Public Market.
  15. Pghfoodbank – You can use this profile to know more about Pittsburgh Food Bank to know about the ways to assist their mission. 
  16. Pghmarathon – If you are training for Pittsburgh Marathon, you can check out this profile.
  17. Pittsburghmagazine – Pittsburgh Magazine has a lot to share about Pittsburgh, from the vast towers to the stunning skyline. 
  18. Publictheaterpgh–You can use this profile to know more Pittsburgh Public Theater and get to know the details about the venue. 
  19. Pghkids–When the children in Pittsburgh at Children Museum, leave art behind, you can get to see the same on Instagram. 
  20. Whirlmagazine – You can follow this account to know more about margaritas, cupcakes, and yoga.  
  21. Visitpittsburgh–Here, you can get to know details about the city.
  22. Phippsconservatory – Follow this profile for lights, butterflies, and flowers.  

These are some of the best Instagram profiles to follow in Pittsburgh. Each profile has a dedicated cause, and it makes use of Instagram to carry forward the same in unique ways. You can check out the posts, stories, and videos and learn how you can engage your audience.

Things to keep in mind

Following the best Instagram profiles in Pittsburgh is a smart way to promote your business. But while you do that, you need to keep some essential facts in mind, such as:

  • Blind imitation will not work for you – Getting inspired an Instagrammer is always a smart call. But it would be best if you weren’t imitating everything that they do. You can take reference from the post sharing times and the frequency. But you shouldn’t copy the exact video blogging styles. That way, you will get more likes and followers
  • Always use an original thought – Business owners must make use of their imagination and creative thinking to format the Instagram posts. Every business has a different target audience, and the posts need to get curated accordingly. Creative thinking will ensure that people notice your brand and relate to it individually. 
  • Use the correct hashtags – Making smart use of hashtags is essential. Don’t create the same hashtags like the Instagram profiles you follow. Instead, create hashtags that are specific and useful for your business. Also, to start with, don’t use more than ten or twelve hashtags. Else, the post might appear cramped and cluttered.  

These are some of how you can take reference from other Instagram profiles in Pittsburgh to shape up your social media strategy. Take time to observe the posts and stories. It will help you to frame your brand message better. 


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