Pros and cons of being a freelance web developer

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Setting your foot in the freelancing work as a web developer is going to be quite challenging and interesting at the same time. On the one hand, it is going to give you complete freedom from the usual 6-8-hour work pattern, on the contrary, it is also going to challenge you with a lot of situations that you are unprepared for.  

Knowing both the pros and cons of becoming a freelance Web developer is going to give you a complete idea even before you start thinking about starting your career as a freelancer. You can learn more on all these things from the points that we have covered in this article for all those aspiring developers who are considering freelancing as their profession.

  1. You are your own boss.

This is one of the most important reasons as to why you a lot of people choose the freelance industry as a profession. People find it easier to handle tough jobs rather than dealing with cranky bosses and nosy colleagues. But, at times, this can be misleading. You may end up losing focus on work and start doing things that can kill your productivity.

  1. It is dependent on your choice.

This is yet another reason as to why freelancing work is extremely happening. Working as a full-time professional takes a toll on your life, you would be assigned with tasks that you are not interested, and you may have to do them because of the pressure at work and from the higher authorities. 

When you work as a freelance developer, the project that you pick up a completely based on your discretion and your interest levels, on the other hand, you might lose on your skillset as you would constantly thrive on being comfortable and ending up choosing projects that are less challenging.

  1. You get to set the price

You have to work for them for a fixed amount, and you cannot complain about it. Although you are not satisfied with the pay check, you cannot complain unless you find another job that suits your requirement. 

As a freelancer, every project that you choose to work upon, you get to set the price according to your whims and fancies. But it is quite possible that the clients might walk over you without fulfilling the payment and this one of the major risks of being a freelance developer.

  1. You get to choose the time of work
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If you work as a full-time professional in any of the multinational corporations or even any smaller organisations, you are bound by time. You have to be present at the office premises at a given time. 

If you are late, or if you are in need of leaving, it becomes essential to follow the protocols and request for leaves from your managers. The approval lies completely in their hands, and that can be quite frustrating at times. When you choose the life of a freelancer, you get to live your life king size, and you get to decide upon the days that you want to work but, that can kill your time-management skills.

  1. No fixed role

When you choose to freelance as your profession, you do not have a fixed role to play as you have to do it when you’re associated with any of the web development companies. Right from bidding on a project, drafting a proposal and negotiating with the customer on prices, until designing and developing everything is your responsibility. 

You will not have anybody else around you to support unless and until you have a team of freelancers working with you and that can become challenging. 

  1. You can hire people
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When you start working as a freelance developer, you also get an opportunity to hire freelance web developer from Dormzi to support you. On the contrary, you might land up with people that are inefficient and can end up your project completely.

This is unlikely to happen when you part of any organisation. Even though you complain of being overloaded with work; it becomes extremely difficult for you to find any other support system immediately but, you would certainly part of the efficient time. 

  1. You can make more profits

As a freelance developer, there are a lot of opportunities that come your way, which can help you earn a lot. The freelancing projects can be quite rewarding when you start focusing on the work that you get, unlike a full-time job.

  1. Security
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When you part of any of the organisations there would be job security, but when you consider the freelancing field, there are a lot of risks in terms of job security. The customer is in full control of a freelance developer, and they might end up terminating your contract without prior notice, and this can be quite dangerous.

These are some of the pros and cons that can help any developer to decide when they are planning to choose freelancing field.

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