Radiating Happiness and Creating Positivity in 2022

Young woman in yoga pose sitting near watefall, Rear view
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By Dr. Krishna Bhatta

A few years ago, I met a TV producer named Mary Jo, and we were discussing the popularity of the television show “Seinfeld.” Mary Jo mentioned that “Seinfeld” is commonly referred to as a show about “nothing,” a concept I found intriguing. I performed a Google search and found the following:

“The behaviors of Jerry, Kramer, George, and Elaine, the failed communication, and the everyday embarrassment represent ‘nothingness’ but a peculiar everyday life. These ‘nothing nesses’ happen to all of us, but people will laugh at these when it is put on TV. Seinfeld takes those little nothings and combines them to create something realistic.”

This concept of “nothing” in “Seinfeld” can help us understand the practice of meditation. It’s important to recognize that meditation just happens. It is not even a process. The techniques or methods are essential, but they are not techniques for meditation. The techniques or methods take us to the point where meditation can happen. 

Since December 2019, we’ve experienced many changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. New variants seem to appear every day, and the debate is still in the air as to how this will all end. One term we hear is the “new normal.” I think the best definition of a “new normal” would be a world that prioritizes happiness and positivity. 

Understanding and practicing three principles is key to being a happy and positive human being. These principles are:

• Mindfulness

• Energy equation

• Peaceful Co-existence 

One of the core principles of mindfulness is what I call “Intermittent Silence,” which means spending time with yourself. The idea is to give your brain a rest for ten minutes a day. Because your brain is working all the time, we are used to overthinking, overeating, and overspending. 

The simple steps consist of closing your mouth and eyes and engaging in silent listening. It may be more challenging than it appears, but it is incredible once you get the hang of it and commit to the regular practice of intermittent silence. Even when stress or chaos appears, you will feel that silence inside of you, as it helps you weather the inevitable emotional storms. Slowly the peace you feel in those ten minutes a day will start to work its way into your everyday life.

One way to experience intermittent silence is through an app I’ve created called Relaxx, which provides excellent guidance and support for this journey. Relaxx encourages people to practice simultaneously and at the same place as often as possible. This consistent practice will take the user to the point that they will notice a difference in their meditation quality. With daily practice, the ultimate goal will be to carry that peace into chaos, bringing a noticeable change to real-life situations and should reflect at work and home, with an all-around better performance and improved relationships.  

The second principle is high energy living. It is more important than ever to conserve and channel our energy in a world prone to burnout and fatigue.

Meditation is an effective method for conserving and creating energy. Incorporating mindfulness, intermittent silence, and regular meditation into your daily routine will allow you to preserve and create energy.

It’s essential to surround yourself with people who fuel your energy and not deplete it. We all know those energy vampires who drain your inner resources. Choose to surround yourself with people who energize your spirit.

Spending time in nature is another vital tool lost in our busy world. Immersing yourself in nature each day, either by going for a walk, being in the sun, standing near a tree, or with animals, is an energizing and delightful way to connect to joy.

Taking these first steps to creating a new habit of peace and happiness may seem intimidating but achievable with practice. While brushing your teeth, making your bed, or doing dishes, creating moments of mindfulness will have long-lasting benefits.

Dedicating even five minutes a day to this new normal will help create new habits that will make greater peace and happiness within and in your relationships with others. In practicing these steps, just like my patient and I practiced the positive outcome of his surgery, you will find joy in your journey to living a higher energy life filled with happiness and positivity.