Ranking the Best Bites in Pittsburgh

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Image Credit: Flickr

You’re in luck if you recently happened to purchase one of the Pittsburgh homes for sale, with the city offering all sorts of outstanding eats you can look forward to trying. Even if you’re here for just a short visit, we rank the top bites so that you can easily sample some of its very best.

5. The Primanti Bros. Sandwich

The most famous sandwich in Pittsburgh is served at Primanti Bros., made up of grilled meat and melted cheese with tomato, French fries and coleslaw between Italian bread. Head to the original location in the Strip District where the sandwiches were first made to feed workers during the Great Depression.

4. Anything Done Big at Big Jim’s Restaurant and Bar

A Pittsburgh tradition for over 40 years, as Discover the Burgh notes, the emphasis is on huge portions, but they aren’t just massive, they’re delicious. Bring a big appetite and indulge in calzones that are so large they take 45 minutes to bake and won’t fit on a single plate. Or, perhaps the fish sandwich with its mammoth-sized breaded fillets big enough to feed four. Just a few of the other favorites include homemade eggplant Parmigiana and Italian wedding soup, New York strip steaks and spaghetti.

3. Fried Chicken at Carmi Soul Food

Bringing soul to the South Side, Carmi Soul Food is located in a Victorian home, where husband-and-wife owners serve generous portions of stick-to-your-ribs kind of food like shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, and the arguable favorite, the fried chicken dinner. It includes three pieces of crispy fried chicken, cheesy macaroni, incredibly moist cornbread, and sweet and savory stuffing with house gravy.

2. Pierogis at S&D Polish Deli

Slawomir and Dorota emigrated to Pittsburgh from Poland less than a decade ago, but they instantly became a staple, making the very best Polish food in the city, including what’s known as the “Polish ravioli,” the pierogi. A type of dumpling, this is the real deal, complete with a soft shell of dough filled with cheddar cheese and mashed potatoes topped with onions and butter. They make over a dozen traditional dinner and dessert pierogis to go as well as fabulous stews.

1. Steaks and Steak Burgers at Gaucho Parilla Argentina

Catch the aroma of woodsmoke while walking down Penn Avenue and you’ll understand why there is a line outside of Parilla Argentina near the 16th Street Bridge. The taste of the juicy steaks that are grilled over a mix of western Pennsylvania hardwoods like hickory, osage, oak and cherry, are just as heavenly as the smell. If you’re with a group, order the asado platter which includes ribeye, strip, flank, fillet and sirloin. Try them all with the various house-made sauces like Chimichurri, the signature sauce and a staple in Argentinian fare. It’s a blend of white vinegar, olive oil, oregano, parsley and garlic. If you visit on your own or just don’t have a big enough appetite, choose the steak burger, served on ciabatta and topped with peppers, grilled onions and chimi.