Real Talk: What is a Sex Doll & Why Should You Have One?


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Whether you are willing to admit it or not, people are driven by their sex drive more than they would like to be. I say you should embrace that sexuality, especially since you’re living in a world where you can do so much to please yourself. Sex toys have become so accessible that it is really a shame to see anyone sexually frustrated. If we’re to trust this useful source, people finally seem to be breaking those chains and constraints and starting to do what’s good for their pleasure.

In other words, everyone is becoming more liberal to sex toys. Today, we’re talking about one of perhaps the oldest inventions from this industry, while keeping in mind that it has evolved significantly. In case you couldn’t have guessed it, I’m talking about sex dolls.

While these have been around for a while, there’s no way that you can compare the early designs with the latest ones. In fact, the early designs look like a joke when compared to the modern dolls. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. I suppose you are here to find out what these exactly are.

I’ll give you what you’re here for, but I’ll also give you something more. No, I’m not planning on sending you one of these dolls as a gift. That’s on you, I have my own drives to please. I am, however planning on letting you know why you should buy yourself a sex doll.

As you can see at, there is a wide variety of these on the market. All of them serve one and the same purpose, albeit in slightly different ways. The purpose is to provide you with the orgasm of your life.

Anyway, we’re getting off topic once again. Let me return to your very own reason for visiting this website in the first place and that’s finding out what a sex doll exactly is. Get comfortable and keep on reading.

What Is It?

I’m guessing that you are now picturing that inflatable doll that was sold way back when. If that’s the case, I suggest you immediately stop, because those are not on our agenda for the day. In fact, I’m pretty sure that those are not on anyone’s agenda for a long, long time.

That’s because new products have emerged on the market. We’re dealing with something much more modern and more sophisticated here. Long gone are the days when people had to deal with those inflatable jokes that had a hole and provided no other pleasure.

I believe it’s safe to say that the term sex doll has taken on a completely different meaning. Nowadays, these are toys designed in the shape and the size of a real-life partner, with anatomically correct body parts. What’s more, the feeling you get when you touch this toy, penetrate it or use it in any way is also much more realistic.


Seriously, if you closed your eyes and got down to business, you would hardly be able to notice the difference. Of course, the doll is much more static than a real partner but, hey, you cannot have it all. Real partners tend to get static themselves too.

To put things simply, sex dolls are toys designed to maximize your masturbation pleasure by allowing you to connect with something more realistic than the actors on that porn video you are watching. If we were to make comparisons, we’ll say that this is, in lack of a partner, the next best thing. Speaking of partners, here’s a fun fact.

You’d be surprised with the number of people that are introducing dolls to their relationships. For some of them, that seems to work like a charm when spicing things up is in question. If you’re thinking of doing the same thing, I suggest you learn more about the experiences of other people first.

Why Should You Have It?

Now that you have understood we’re not dealing with inflatable jokes here and that the modern sex dolls are pretty realistic, you have probably started wondering about the reasons why you should get one for yourself. There are quite a few reasons for that. Let me share only a couple of them in hope that you will recognize the benefits of this product.

For starters, if you are single, you definitely need a way to relieve the sexual tension that’s building up. Traditional masturbating methods might not always do the trick and you’ll probably get bored with that. There’s no way you will get bored with a sex doll. It will serve as the perfect way for pleasing yourself whenever you feel like it.

That brings us to our second reason. “Whenever you feel like it” doesn’t actually work with your partner, does it? You can find the most sexually active person on Earth and you two will probably not always be up for it at the same time. This doll is always up for it.

Read more reasons why everyone should have this toy:

While on that topic, let me ask you one thing. Have you always been able to try out all the positions you wanted with your partner or were there some that the other person wasn’t comfortable with? That’s another plus for this toy. It’s highly flexible and comfortable in any position, meaning that you can do whatever you want with it. Hot, isn’t it?

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