Reasons Why a Kilim Purse Makes the Perfect Gift Choice

Buying gifts that say something about you and the relationship you have with the giftee can be a tricky task. Many of the popular things that people buy in this kind of scenario are just that popular – and so they can end up being a bit cliched. That’s certainly not true when talking about a kilim purse.

The usual options on offer come in the form of perfumes, chocolates and fashion, which is tricky in itself, as buying something that your partner likes but doesn’t already have, can be almost impossible.

In this article, we look at Kilim, where it came from and why it is that purses, bags and clothing made from it are popular around the world and have been for centuries. 

Handmade and Wonderfully Finished

When you look through the range of beautifully handcrafted oriental purses made from kilim, their uniqueness and style is evident from the first moment. 

A typical kilim purse immediately stands out from the crowd due the range of strikingly eye-catching designs that they come in. Made using attractive patterns that have been used for centuries across Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, Kilim is a hard-wearing material that dates back to the 6th century and has been used for every possible thing you think of from housing to clothing and everything else in between.

While there are many attractive designs of purses available, kilim varieties all have one thing in common – fantastically bold colors that seem to catch the attention of anyone that goes near them. 

A Gift That Shows You Care

Some see purses as merely a functional item that any adult needs to have to get through their daily routine, however, many (rightly in our opinion) see them as another opportunity to express your individuality and sophistication.

Many gifts you can buy are here today and gone tomorrow, but with a kilim purse, your loved one will appreciate the gift every time they use it. What’s more, kilim is a textile that’s built to last, so your gift can keep on giving for years after. 

Above all else though, a gift like this shows that you care about the things that matter to your partner and that you’re conscious of those little things that make all the difference. 

You Don’t Have to Stop at a Kilim Purse Either!

The style and sophistication that high-quality kilim textiles offer aren’t limited to purses either, as hand-crafted shoulder bags, day bags and rucksacks are all available to add a certain something to your outfit.

Kilim isn’t a one-size-fits-all textile that’s the same wherever it’s made either. The processes to create products may be similar, but the end results are often very different whilst staying faithful to the central aesthetic. It truly is a product that has love woven into every thread, as these one-of-a-kind items come with the care attention that each weaver has put into them. 

You really can’t say that about many purses, bags or rucksacks you’ll find online.

Surprise Your Partner With an Unexpected Gift 

So, when you’re scouring the internet for a gift that expresses how you feel about your partner, you could do a lot worse than opt for a kilim purse or any of the products that feature the beautiful and long-used material that is kilim. 

They’re a gift that represents great value for money too, as the prices you’ll encounter aren’t likely to leave too much of a hole in your monthly budget. And when your loved one opens your gift and you see their eyes widen and their smile breaks out across their face, you’ll realise that you made a wise choice.

Take a look through the many unique designs that are out there and who knows, as well as finding a gift for a loved one, you might even spot something you like for yourself.

We really hope you enjoyed reading our blog and that it has shown you that this popular fashion choice is unique, hardwearing and absolutely something that anyone would love to receive. 

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