Reasons Why Car Wash Owners Need To Consider Installing Surveillance Systems


Carwash operators and owners encounter a host of threats and security issues right from robbery to break-ins, employee issues, and vehicle damage. However, fortunately, just like homeowners, most of the carwash owners run fully-insured businesses. But sometimes, even after installing rolling gates, floodlights, and physical barriers such as bollards all around the pay stations and robust fencing surrounding the entire property, it is just not enough. So it is best to opt for a cutting-edge surveillance system for adding another solid layer of protection so that there are no more security breaches jeopardizing overall safety of your carwash business.

All carwash operators and owners particularly, new investors must install cutting-edge surveillance system for protecting their investments. Some new operators take things quite casually and are more into aesthetics. They would not mind splurging on fancy signage or landscaping but they forget to install a robust surveillance system for fortifying business security. Let us explore some of the major benefits of using a robust surveillance system for a carwash facility. 

It Helps To Reduce & Deter Theft, Vandalism, and Loss

A strategically placed surveillance system could be effective in deterring and reducing to a great extent, incidences of theft, vandalism, and loss. If your business has a surveillance system in place, the troublemakers would think twice before committing any crime. The very thought that they would be caught and punished eventually, would result in deterring theft and vandalism cases.

There have been many unfortunate cases associated with carwash owners in the past. We have heard of ATMs being ripped off straight out of the wall. More and more thieves and criminals are targeting the carwash facilities’ automated pay stations and getting away with thousands of dollars. In such cases, the police could take concrete action against the criminals with the help of a robust surveillance system

Today the thieves are also, aiming to steal credit card information of carwash customers. Today, the technology required for committing these crimes is not so expensive and easily available. Criminals often install skimmers on ATMs or POS systems which are not under any video surveillance and are mostly in secluded places.

Most of the vandalism takes place in unmonitored self-serve carwash facilities. Carwash owners face many forms of vandalism today including arson, equipment theft, squatters, landscape sabotage, and property defacement. This could profusely damage your reputation and image. However, video surveillance systems Philadelphia could curb these acts of vandalism.

It Helps To Safeguard Your Business

You could use security surveillance systems to monitor your carwash stations when you are not physically present there. Security cameras are an effective way of keeping you informed about what all is happening with your business. These hi-tech solutions could help you keep track of the stock rooms and monitor closely when chemicals are actually being replaced. 

Strategically placed cameras in isolated and secluded locations could beef up employee security and safety if they are working all alone far from the busy hub of the facility. The back doors of the carwash businesses often lead to the parking lot and these are soft targets for troublemakers and criminals. Effective surveillance systems could be strategically placed in these isolated areas to stop illegal access, curb crime, and boost employee safety.


You could effectively reduce insurance costs by installing a powerful surveillance system as that would prevent fabricated injuries and thefts. Moreover, now you could avoid lawsuits as camera evidence could help in refuting false claims of any damage to vehicles.