Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling

Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling

The pandemic triggered a hot housing market, and in fact, we’re really in the heat of it now. So, if you haven’t sold your house yet, you’re probably—and understandably—discouraged. To determine how you can make that sale and finally move, think about all the reasons why your house isn’t selling. We list just a few of them below.

Reason #1: Your House Is Too Expensive

No doubt, everyone is pricing their homes high right now. However, it’s one thing to list your home slightly about market value, and it’s another to list it at a price that’s considerably over market value. Often, curious prospective buyers will research comparable houses in the area, and if the asking price doesn’t match up, then they may not even bother putting in an offer. You can aim high, but remember to keep the price practical, too.

Reason #2: The House Isn’t Visually Appealing

When a house doesn’t look inviting, people likely won’t jump on it. After all, they want their new home to be in pristine condition. Think about the really nasty deterrents—for instance, there are numerous reasons to treat water damage, and if you leave it in your home, it simply looks concerning. Take care of these larger cosmetic issues, then you can revisit listing your house. Remember, your work should include improving your house’s curb appeal as well. Pruning and trimming can really go a long way!

Reason #3: You Didn’t Market It Well

Out of all the reasons why your house isn’t selling, this is the commonly overlooked one. Nowadays, because everyone is viewing homes virtually before they decide whether to see them in person, you have to make the best possible impression online. Ask for a professional to take photos that accurately and beautifully capture your home’s exterior and interior. Further, update the listing description so that it boasts about all the house’s best amenities. If your description doesn’t excite you, it probably won’t excite other people either.

Reason #4: People Can’t See Themselves in Your Home

Many say that, when you step into a house, you should be able to visualize yourself living in it. Unfortunately, a couple of things can keep people from dreaming. First, they can’t spot their desired upgrades—if you know you haven’t updated your appliances, be sure to do so before you try selling again. Otherwise, prospective buyers make not view your space as a functional one. Additionally, they may also consider how you staged the home. If you didn’t impersonalize the house, then without a doubt, they will have a tough time seeing themselves in the space.

Have a feeling one of these reasons is keeping you from selling your property? That’s okay! Make those tweaks so you can come back confidently—and sell your home in the process.

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