Reasons Why Your Marriage Will Not Be Happy

As someone said, “It doesn’t matter whether you get married or not, you will regret anyway.” That’s true, but only if you have got married not for love and sincere desire but because of some other reasons and despite unhappy marriage signs. It’s not the 10th century, you have to look for a wife yourself and not to wait for your parents to choose a good catch for you. People have more freedom and opportunities now, but they still make mistakes and are unhappy in marriage. What are the main signs of an unhappy marriage?

The reasons provided by

You get married without having an experience of living together.

So, you met three months ago. The experience of your previous relationship was too deplorable, and after having been dating for 3 months without quarrels and scandals, you make a proposal to marry you. The only problem is that you have not tried to live together. And as you know, everyday life successfully destroys a lot of couples. You can say anything, but it turns out that people are simply incompatible in 70% of cases.

Everyone is married, and its high time for you to get married.

All the friends have got married, and you start yearning for the past. At such a critical moment, the human brain starts working at breakneck speed, often giving out just crazy and absolutely insane ideas. One such idea is to “get married to be like everyone else.” Well, age allows, money is a trifle because your friends manage somehow to live without money. So, you also think that there is nothing terrible. In reality, there is a monetary poverty that does not fit in with your thermonuclear infantilism. Marriage is a work, you should be ready for it and be more conscious. Think twice and try to avoid an unhappy marriage.

It’s time because of age.

This is a kind of scourge. Age, like the birthdays themselves, are the remnants of primitive thinking. Age is just a figure that often does not correspond to the mental age. If you haven’t found the strength, desire, and interest in marriage for 30 years of your life, it means that you have had the reasons. Marriage is a serious thing and not fun. You need to grow up for marriage, this will be very difficult to do if you are an infantile hedonist to the core.

External pressure.

Worst of all, when the category ” it’s time” is determined by your relatives and not you. Why do parents make their sons take this serious step? There are some idiotic reasons like, “If you not get married now, you will remain a bachelor forever,” “It is unimpressive to be alone at that age of 28 years (for example.)” Do you understand that this is nonsense? If you are good, interesting, not boring, living a full life person with a healthy worldview, if you are worried about your status and image, then you will not have problems with anything mentioned above.

An heir is needed.

It would have been okay if it took place about 100 years ago when such aspirations were usual things. However, nowadays, it seems wild. Do you need the heir to what? Do you have a candle factory? Are you sure that it will cover all the costs of your family? What will you do if you have a daughter or if the child decides to do the art? What will you do then?

A good catch.

There are so many people who have entered into unhappy marriages just because of money. In fact, one in three thinks at least once about how it would be great to find a rich wife who would help live in pleasure. However, they have enough brains and conscience not to take such a step. In general, you should be ashamed. It is much more honorable to try to achieve grandiose success yourself, and not to curse the circumstances that have made you hostage to the situation and made you live not with a beloved one.