Rental Equipment for Home Construction Projects

Rental Equipment for Home Construction Projects

Before embarking on a home construction project, it’s important to gather the right machinery for the job—that is, unless you want to spend countless hours doing everything by hand. When choosing the right equipment for your project, you should opt for machinery that is small and mobile so that you can easily navigate the limited space on your residential construction site. In addition, the equipment should also be versatile, so you don’t have to spend a ton of money renting several types of equipment. Here are some examples of helpful rental equipment for home construction projects.

Skid steer loaders

Skid steer loaders are compact rigid-frame machines that have lift arms that can be equipped with various tools and attachments such as grapples, blades, and buckets. The various attachment options make skid steers incredibly versatile pieces of machinery.

Depending on the attachment, skid steers can be used to lift, dig, pull, excavate, and remove stumps. Despite their small size, which allows them to fit into more confined spaced, skid steers are surprisingly powerful. These qualities make them a great choice for home construction projects of all sizes.


If you’re working on a residential construction project for a home that has multiple stories, a telehandler can be very beneficial. Telehandlers have many of the same capabilities of forklifts while also being able to act as a crane and operate at greater heights.

Telehandlers are equipped with a boom that can extend upward and forward to easily lift materials to second story floors or the roof of a home. At the end of the boom, users can fasten different attachments such as a bucket, fork, or basket, making it suitable for various jobs.


Another beneficial type of rental equipment for home construction projects is a backhoe. Backhoes are mechanical excavators that are equipped with a digging bucket attached to a hinged boom. Rather than pushing material forward, a backhoe uses its bucket to draw earth, stone, concrete, or other materials back toward itself.

Backhoes are extremely beneficial for efficiently accomplishing a wide range of tasks on a residential construction site such as transporting building materials, digging, excavation, and breaking asphalt. Due to their diverse capabilities, backhoes are among the most commonly used types of equipment on residential construction sites.

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