Residential vs. Commercial Solar Power: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that solar energy is the source of about 1.6% of all of the electricity generated inside of the United States?

That might not seem like much, but solar power is also the fastest-growing source of energy in the country! You should expect that number to go way up over the next few decades. 

Although solar power is probably the future of energy, some people feel that it is already the present. Business owners and homeowners alike are looking at the benefits of solar panels and deciding to install them on their rooftops.

What do they see when they compare residential vs. commercial solar power? What are their benefits, and what are the differences between them?

Read on to learn all about solar power and how it differs between homes and businesses.

Differences in Size 

In general, businesses tend to have larger rooftops than homes. In many cases, they also use a lot more electricity. Both of these are why solar panels on businesses tend to come in larger sizes.

A standard residential solar panel includes about 72 cells. In contrast, the larger commercial solar panel systems will have closer to 96 cells.

Of course, there is no law that says that a home cannot install commercial solar panels. If your home has a large roof and you are interested in the extra energy savings, then you can simply have a quality company install commercial-style solar panels.

Differences in Efficiency 

Solar technology is constantly evolving. As it exists today, larger solar panels enjoy greater efficiency. That is why commercial solar panel systems get about 2% more energy per solar cell than residential solar panels. 

Different Installation Techniques 

There is a big difference between the roof of a residence and the roof of a business. Residential roofs are usually slanted. On the other hand, commercial roofs are flat.

These differences can lead to different mounting techniques for solar cells.

Color Differences

Homeowners tend to favor black or white solar panels. Commercial panels are almost always white instead. 

When you look at all of the benefits of residential solar power and commercial solar power, getting your own solar panels installed can look like a pretty great deal. Finding the right solar company is the key to getting solar power set up.

To learn more about how you can find quality solar power installation, check out this home solar service company!

Know the Differences Between Residential vs. Commercial Solar Power

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful from this brief article on a few of the differences that come up when you compare residential vs. commercial solar power.

There are certainly differences, but the similarities are striking. In either case, solar power is the future of energy use and a great way to save money and the environment at the same time.

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