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Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow
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The Dr. Oz Show recommended this pillow as one of the 12 healthiest gifts of the year. Bethenny Frankel also featured it on her show.

The Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow gives a better night’s sleep for both kids and adults and comes in four fun colors and two patterns. A revolution in cool, the Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow sleeps cooler and stays cool longer than any other pillow, thanks to its cool layer of Hydraluxe gel fused onto Memory Foam. A 2011 independent test found the pillow slept significantly cooler than other sample pillows tested, including cool foam, ventilated foam, latex, fiber, and down. The pillow cradles your head and neck to relax your muscles and enhance the comfort, giving you a great night’s sleep.

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SensorPEDIC’s SensorCool and Sensorgel 
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Experts say students need good sleep to help retain information, do well on tests and to be the best student they can be.  So, every college student needs to invest in the right tools for sleep while at school as well  as books, notebooks and calculators – and the SensorPEDIC’s SensorCool pillow is a product that could help.

SensorPEDIC’s SensorCool pillows are the first pillows on the market to feature a gel layer on either side of the pillow, so when one side gets to room temperature, just flip it over and you can lay on the other cool side of the pillow!  The memory foam adds extra comfort and support, cradling the head as you sleep.  SensorPEDIC created this pillow to dispel the typical myths about memory foam pillows, one of which is sleeping hot.  Since the pillow is the bed for your head – its important that it uses the most cutting-edge cooling technology.  The pillow comes in both standard and contour shapes.  The pillow is available at Dillard’s locations and online.  Retails for $60.

Sensor-Pedic’s Sensorgel memory foam pillow is unlike any on the market. It features COOLcloth technology, advanced ventilation and SensorGel memory foam, which has gel beads throughout it.  All combine to create a more cool and comfortable sleeping environment for students.  The enveloping design helps reduce pressure points on the head, neck and shoulders to alleviate aches and pains as well!  The pillow is available online and in Macy’s stores.