Running a Successful Church: Tips for Church Custodians

Running a successful church requires a number of different individuals with their own set of skills. Everyone from the pastor preaching on Sunday morning to the custodians who keep the building maintained on the weekdays has an important role to play in the church. If you are someone who works as a church custodian, you know just how important your role is to creating a welcoming environment for people to worship the Lord.

Churches are very specific buildings. With holy spaces and open areas for fellowship, there is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to maintaining your church. Keeping the building intact and looking great is the best way to encourage your congregation and continue doing the good work you’re meant to be doing. As a church custodian, here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep everything looking great and functioning well during all seasons at your church.

Have a regular cleaning routine.

Any business or corporate building usually relies on a regular cleaning routine. By bringing in a maintenance or custodial crew once a week or even a few times, you help guarantee everything is clean for guests and customers on a daily basis. The same is necessary for your church custodians. Come up with a regular cleaning routine to be sure everything is getting taken care of at all times.

Certain tasks should be done daily like cleaning bathrooms while other jobs like vacuuming the floors or washing the windows can be done every couple of days. Having a set routine helps you and the rest of the church staff keep track of what has been done and what still needs some work.

Learn basic skills in case of emergency needs.

Running a successful church building also means staying prepared during any emergency situation. Have exit strategies in place if there’s ever a fire and know where to go in the event of an earthquake or tornado. You’ll also want to get certified in basic emergency medical training.

If you ever have a congregant pass out or experience a medical emergency, it can help to know CPR or how to operate an AED until healthcare providers or first responders arrive. Online CPR AED training can help you learn the basics of this kind of first aid. Learn in an effective manner with these trained instructors so you can have peace of mind to respond and react in case of an emergency.

Keep up with preventive maintenance.

Your custodial staff is awesome for taking care of the daily needs of the church building, but there are some situations you can’t necessarily prepare for. Work to keep up with preventive maintenance on your appliances and internal systems.

By establishing a good relationship with the local plumbers, electricians, and other technicians, you can check out your systems on a regular basis to avoid more intense problems down the line.

Be ready to prepare for special events.

The church goes through different seasons every year and hosts a number of special events. From weddings to funerals to baptisms, you may end up setting up for these special services as a custodian. Work to establish a routine so you can get these events set up in no time. From organizing your baptism supplies to keeping a set section of the sanctuary ready for wedding services, it can be helpful to be prepared for these special events.

This also includes staying organized with your seasonal decorations. Have an attic or separate storage space for your Christmas tree or Easter banners. This way, you’ll be ready to pull things out when you need them and actually have fun with your decorating.