Science-Based Benefits for Why Honey Is Good for Your Hair

Science-Based Benefits for Why Honey Is Good for Your Hair

Many of you have probably heard about the health benefits that come with honey. However, have you ever heard how wonderful it can be for your hair, too? No? Well, wonderful. You have come to just the right place. Here are a few science-based benefits of why pure raw organic honey is good for your hair. Your hair will never have looked better!

Increases Hair Growth

Honey promotes cell growth, ultimately increasing the growth of epithelial cells. Epithelial cells are located in many follicles and ducts on the scalp, so when you use honey on that area, it promotes overall hair growth.


How cool is it that honey naturally has moisturizing properties to keep your hair conditioned and healthy? There’s really no need for that expensive conditioner anymore. A bonus? It also has a ton of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Naturally Lightens

If you can’t afford to get highlights or want to take a break from chemicals damaging your hair, honey is the way to go. Honey contains an enzyme known as glucose oxidase. When this enzyme breaks down, it leaves hydrogen peroxide, which is capable of bleaching melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for your hair color, so if you leave honey on your hair for a longer period, it can lighten your hair.

Decreases Hair Breakage

If your hair breaks easily, you might need to use some protein treatments to fix it. Luckily, honey contains about 0.5 percent protein. Adding it to your diet might not seem like the same as doing a treatment, but if you consider all the other vitamins and minerals honey contains, you can see all the benefits you’re really getting by doing so.

These benefits are exactly why you should add honey bee supplements to your diet. You can get all of these science-based benefits for why honey is good for your hair and more—and who wouldn’t want a healthy body and a healthy head of hair?

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