Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Love and Relationship Compatibility

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Scorpios are known to be one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac. Therefore, when two Scorpios start a relationship together, you can expect things to be exceptionally mind-blowing.

As when any man and woman of the same sign get together, this couple can delight in the fact that they share many of the same traits and characteristics. Still, that doesn’t mean that compatibility is guaranteed.

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In fact, a Scorpio man and Scorpio woman relationship is considered somewhat risky due to their passionate natures. However, if everything does go well between the couple, it can turn out to be a highly rewarding relationship.

Typically, you can expect this type of relationship to run smoothly until their passionate interests end up pulling them in opposing directions. This is when the stereotypical Scorpio stubbornness can show its ugly face and the entire relationship can begin falling apart.

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Scorpio Man and Woman Basic Compatibility

Both Scorpio men and women are known for being mysterious and having charming personalities that can seduce practically anyone who comes near them. They also have a very secretive nature in almost everything they do, which can be a negative trait when it comes to being in a relationship with another Scorpio.

Even though they are secretive by nature, Scorpios tend to enjoy finding out about every little secret that his or her partner has. This can also cause strain on the relationship, as well as mutual distrust if neither of the two partners are willing to let the other know about their innermost secrets and desires.

On the brighter side, Scorpios cherish honesty and loyalty above almost everything else, therefore, when two Scorpios come together, it can be quite refreshing to be around another person who shares the same values.

That being said, nothing will anger a Scorpio more than blatant dishonesty. Still, they typically have no issues with selectively omitting information from their partners in order to be able to keep their own secrets.

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Due to their passionate natures, when two Scorpios clash, it can quickly become a volatile situation. This sign is extremely quick to anger, even though they have the ability to calm down just as quickly. Still, they won’t ever forget when they’ve been wronged, especially when it is done by their partner.

Scorpios are truly fun-loving people who thrive off adventure and excitement. Therefore, when two Scorpios are paired together, they lack the unbalance that often leads to boredom when paired with other signs.

This sign usually likes spending a lot of time growing and building their close relationships. Therefore, building trust and mutual respect comes easy and can be extremely rewarding when a Scorpio finds a similar partner who won’t want to rush into things either.

The scorpion is known to be a creature of extremes. So, it can sometimes be more beneficial for Scorpios to find partners that are a bit calmer and level-headed than they are. If left unchecked, their passionate natures may create a rift in the relationship and the pair may constantly struggle over who’s in charge.

A Scorpio’s energy has no off switch. Therefore, learning to calm down and compromise should be the first thing to work on when problems do arise within their relationship.

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Love and Relationship Compatibility Between a Scorpio Man and Woman

As we’ve already mentioned, Scorpios like taking time when building and growing their relationships. Therefore, seeking a close partnership with a Scorpio is likely to be a long and seemingly unending journey.

And of course, this challenge is doubled when two Scorpios come together. However, when things do work out, the journey will be well worth it.

Typically, Scorpios only make friends with people who they respect and can trust completely. So, what better partner is there than another Scorpio who is sure to treat you in the same way?

Scorpios have a knack for making friendships that will last a lifetime, which means that there are very few roadblocks when it comes to friendship between two Scorpios. Their mysterious and charming personalities will be hard to ignore, and because of this, most Scorpio couples find themselves naturally drawn to each other almost as if it were their fate.

Although friendship comes easy between a Scorpio man and woman, it is only in close, intimate relationships where the pair’s strongest traits begin to truly shine.

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When in love, Scorpios outshine all others, and their passion just simply can’t be matched by any other sign of the zodiac. In fact, this couple’s passion for romance often turns into a never-ending cycle of trying to one-up the other partner with romantic gestures.

Scorpios are also known for having a very passionate sex drive and unfortunately, this tends to cause problems when they’re paired with other less sexual signs. Therefore, when paired with another Scorpio, the couple will be matched perfectly, and both partners will feel unrestrained to fully express themselves sexually.

This couple’s refusal to give up on love, as well as their complete devotion to each other, combines to ignite a passionate fire that can be hard to put out. Both partners will continuously fuel each other’s deepest desires, which is why Scorpio man and woman relationships are known to be some of the most enduring long-term relationships of the zodiac.

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