Self Improvement

Invest in Yourself

Tiffany Fluhme

Beauty Tips and Tricks That Will Boost Your Confidence and Help You Achieve Your Best Look Yet

By Tiffany Fluhme, Founder and CEO of FLUHME

When someone is going through a trying time in their life their physical well being often goes by the wayside.  How they look, how they feel, and how they take care of themselves from the inside out are often greatly neglected.

It is my philosophy that when times are tough it is imperative to focus on just the opposite.  Invest in yourself! When a person looks and feels their best they will exude confidence and with confidence anything can be accomplished!

Whether your goal is to improve your professional life or get back into the dating scene investing in yourself is certainly going to pay off.   Doing simple things like taking care of your skin, testing out a glamorous new make-up look or finally taking the initiative to join the gym, will have a positive impact on all aspects of your life. Read more…

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