SEO Power Builds: The 7 Google Algorithm Updates You Should Know

Having an SEO-friendly website deems a crucial role when it comes to building or updating a website. Regardless of what type of brand you are going to promote, the top SEO coaches suggest that you have to make sure that your website generates the highest ranking and reputation so you can attract more visitors that affect more in the traffic of your website. 

While this may be true, it can’t also be denied that not all SEO is equally excellent. Some site optimization takes longer to produce and its output can be effective for a much longer run. On the other hand, some techniques are also faster to use; however, it puts your website at risk of being destructed or left in the worst situation. 

Hence, this is where Google algorithm updates take place talking about having a good SEO. Google by principle always believed that when you want to generate a better site ranking and SEO result, then you must consider your site’s quality. Let’s take a look at the different Google updates you need to be familiar with to come up with a high-quality SEO for your site. 

Google Panda

This is the most well-known update Google has ever produced. Its primary job is to evaluate and check your website regarding the quality of all your site’s contents from the most important down to the lesser ones.  Once your site produces high-quality content, Google normally rewards a higher ranking for your site. 

Moreover, these are the things that trigger Google Panda to rank low in search rankings. 

Thin and Low-Quality Content

Technically, Google Panda lower’s your search rankings if you do not provide an explicit answer to some basic questions that users may ask. At the same, your site may not be on top if it contains content with poor formatting, a huge amount of grammar errors, and irrelevant images. 

Duplicate and Unhelpful Content 

Google always tries to avoid duplicate content from one site to the other. It also discourages article spinning and once you try to reuse an old one make sure that it’s originally revised and revamped. 

Google Penguin 

This is more likely to be the same as Panda. Both of these evaluate the full content of your site but it also somehow focuses on your link profiles. This means backlinking. Google Penguin ranks your site well when links are properly placed in content.  Your site will also be on top when you have trustworthy sources and domains are multiple in origin. 

Furthermore, the following triggers Google Penguin ranking your site lower. 

Low Quality of Links

Google Panda determines a link in low quality when it comes irrelevant to your content. Also, Google Webmaster has also a guideline to be followed and generating links that bypass PageRank also affects your site’s search ranking result. 

Google Pigeon 

This Google update works for two major algorithms. One of them if for traditional search and the second one is for the local search. Google Pigeon ranks your site bringing your brand to your user a closer relationship by aiming a longer browsing time to your website.

Also, Google Pigeon would rank your website high when you generate high-quality contents that are relevant to your niche. At the same time, using keywords that might include your location, optimizing your website for mobile use, and building backlinks for trustworthy sources will evidently place your site on the highest ranking. 

Lastly, it’s also a must that when you optimize your site,  you have to include videos and images which are absolutely related to your area. Besides, you may also include creating listings that work on business directories. 

Google Hummingbird

If Panda and Penguin work directly in checking the quality of your site’s contents, the Google Hummingbird aims to interpret every user’s query upon their search. When someone tries to ask a particular question on Google search engine, Hummingbird tries to generate the most qualified search result returns. 

In order for your website to be qualified for this Google algorithm, you have to be specific with your contents and be very generous of words, the details, and most important contextually associated and relevant texts. 

Google Payday Loan

This update was rolled out by Google way back in 2013.  It shares the same few things with Penguin and Panda but it was primarily developed to be a separate update. This was made by Google because they wanted to filter the swamps generated by casino, pornographic, and sites with high-interest loans. 

In addition, it’s a simple and straightforward Google update that works directly in targeting sites with spammy links. 

Google Mobilegeddon 

This update was initially made due to the fact that Google noticed that there are more searches conducted on mobile devices. Google had a hard time launching this update because of a lot of negative feedback; however, they stressed out that users utilize most of their mobile devices upon searching for websites nowadays. 

Also, some SEO experts and professionals like Webmetrix Group SEO Company believe that Google has launched this update because today’s generation is heading to be dominated by the use of mobile phones compared to using personal computers that are not portable. 

Google Fred 

Fred is the most minor Google update that is being done almost every day. Although this algorithm is being updated on a daily basis, many website owners tend to complain because of sudden site traffics drops. 

The following things may also trigger Google Fredrisking your site to a lower ranking. 

Thin Content and Aggressive Advertisement 

Make sure that your website produces relevant and beneficial content. Once a user asks a question, Fred directs a website with more promptly rewarded details and results. At the same time, make sure that do not include aggressive advertisements because this will result in poor user experience, another factor that may affect your site’s search ratings. 


Ideally, having an SEO-friendly site is a difficult task to do because you have to be very careful to all items you should include as this might affect your site’s overall ranking. Also, in the past, nobody knows how are search rankings generated but Google has developed these updates and algorithms to somehow gave an idea how would your site be rank. 

In conclusion, the higher the authority of your site, the more likely it will top on Google search rankings. Thus, you have to be equipped with full knowledge when it comes to Google Algorithm Updates just like the ones enumerated above to make sure that you have an SEO-friendly website. 

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