Sexperts Reveal How to Become Good at Sexting

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With searches for “how to do sexting” up 140% in the past 30 days¹, 2022 has kicked off with a bang for many of us.

Whether you’re at the beginning stages of a relationship, or you’re trying to spice things up with your long-term partner, sexting is a great way to up the ante. 

If you’re looking to up your sexting game, look no further – sexual wellness exerts at Sinful can now offer their expertise on how to become a seasoned sexter in no time.

1: Take it slow

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to sexting, and verbally teasing your partner is the ultimate foreplay. Think of sexting like a faucet, start with steady streams, before gradually turning up the heat.

Create sensual sorcery by focusing on colors, sensations, and tastes within your messages. It can be something as simple as “I’ve been thinking about kissing you all day” or “I loved that red color on you today”. 

Easing in slowly also makes it easy to “read” the other person and a low-risk way to check your partner is available and in the mood for a sexting session.

2: Save your words and use imagery

The beauty of sexting is that you can feel sexy whether you’re wearing old pajamas or your finest lingerie. It’s all in the fantasy. However, engaging your partner through visual sensory will get you both deliciously hot and bothered.

Of course, you can use your personal nudes if you want to tease about what’s in store, however, you can also signify your intentions through other pictorial means such as naughty GIFs or videos.

3: Make it naughtier with sex toys

Sex toys are not just for physical intercourse or individual masturbation. They’re perfect for sexting when you want to tease your partner. 

As well as adding that element of pleasure, by texting about the sex toy you’re using and how you’re using it you can build the fantasy and send your partner’s pulse racing. 

You can even, take it up a notch and invest in sex toys that you can use together. Putting your partner in the driving seat can be incredibly hot and get you both lustful.

4: Don’t skimp on the compliments

Opening yourself up sexually can feel vulnerable so compliments can help validate your partner’s desire, creating an honest and sexy space to play.

Plus, there is nothing more liberating and sexier than self-confidence, and paying each other compliments can help your partner discover their inner sexual deity.

5: For beginners add a dash of comic relief

Sexting for beginners can easily seem very intense, which can become a bit daunting. So, it may be a good idea for beginners to integrate some humor to break the ice.

For example, you could write something along the lines of, “You make me so horny and wet. I’d better sit on a towel so the chair doesn’t get water damage 😉 ” Emojis should be in your arsenal here for that little bit of comic relief.

6: Self-love club

Self-care is a priority when it comes to anything in life, and sexting should be no different. Consent is always key, so always make sure yourself and your partner are down to receive sexually explicit content. 

Make sure you are sexting someone you trust and understands your boundaries sexually. Without seeing someone’s expressions it can be hard to gauge what might make them uncomfortable, so communication beforehand is key.

“First-times can be daunting, and sexting is no different. Communicating your sexual wants and desires can feel vulnerable at first, but once you are comfortable it can amp up the intimacy In your sex life” says Ditte Jensen, Sexual Wellness Expert at Sinful. “We hope our sex-positive tips can help sexting newbies, or seasoned pros improve their sexting game.”

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