Shop For Electricity in SA from Reputed Distributors

Stats show that electricity rates in South Australia are the highest. An average SA resident may pay up to 40 cents per kWh for residential electricity requirements. If you are moving to SA, research the energy retailers, energy plans, and concessions you may be eligible for in your area. 

An energy rate comparison website can help you identify retailers who offer cheap electricity SA. However, choose a trusted one to make the right decision. The website should also offer information about electricity distributors, concessions and rebates you may be eligible for and individual plans.

Types of Electricity Contracts in SA

Before choosing an electricity supplier for your residential electricity requirements, you may check if the supplier offers standard or market contracts.

Standard Contracts

The electricity retailer sets standard contracts following government regulations. The rates in the contract are not much higher than the base rate offered by the government. 

The retailer will not make drastic changes to the contract or come up with sudden price hikes. They review the contract every 12 months. So, you do not stand the risk of price hikes or other additional charges with standard contracts.

Market Contracts

Market contracts are contracts that the electricity retailer creates. The supplier can change the contract and the initial contract price without any prior government approval. You may be subject to exit fees to terminate the contract before the expiry of its term. 

Market contracts may be risky for buyers. You may end up dealing with sudden charge escalations and other similar issues if you enter into a market contract.

How to Find Cost-Effective Electricity Plans in SA

The best way to find energy retailers offering cheap electricity in SA is using an energy rate comparison website. SA residents can choose among 20 reputed electricity providers. You may check if the retailers offer conditional discounts, green energy discounts, and bundling discounts. It is also vital to check if the retailer you choose insists on “lock-in contracts.” 

Compare Individual Plans

Compare individual electricity plans before finalizing a plan that meets your requirements. Check if the pans contain components you do not require. Most importantly, negotiate with your electricity retailer for plan customisation. 

However, you may note that you cannot alter the standard plan structure. Comparison websites will allow you to compare plans based on specific parameters.

Concessions and Rebates

SA residents may apply for specific government concessions and discounts. However, you may need a concession card to avail the concessions as they are usually applicable to low-income households. 

Additionally, you may also check for tariffs and other discounts you may be eligible for. Tariffs like controlled load concessions, tariff 110, and time of use tariffs can help you minimise your electricity bill.

Wrap Up

You may also check other factors like contract length, terms, and exit conditions before committing to an electricity plan. Several reputed electricity retailers offer services in SA. Energy rate comparison websites can help you find the best electricity provider for your needs. When moving to the region, don’t hesitate to compare all your options instead of choosing the first plan that comes your way. 

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