Simple Ways to Give This Valentine’s Day

By Kimberly Lock

February 14th, otherwise known as the “day of love” is almost here. During this time, we find the stores filled with cute little greeting cards, small boxes of neatly wrapped assortments of candy and balloons gingerly waving through the air like a cool summer breeze. But what is Valentine’s Day really all about if there isn’t a special “someone” to share it with? But oh, there is someone who would like to share this day and every day with you. And it starts with you!

The simple definition of love is that it gives and there are many ways to accomplish this:

Do Something Special for Yourself
You don’t have to be with a special someone to express love. Pampering is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to express love. It can be made affordable and does not require the first month’s rent to be handed over to the receptionist at the grandest of Spas. A nice warm bath with candles should do the trick. Why stress over dinner? Whoever said candlelight dinner required a 7-course meal? Pizza and a nice salad with all the trimmings, made by your personal chef (you), works just as well. At least you know the lettuce and trimmings have been washed and cleaned. And to end the evening’s festivities, unwind with your favorite cup of tea and one of the annual Lifetime Valentine’s Day movies that keep you glued to the television.

Do Something Special for Your Children
The expression on your child’s face when you walk into their classroom unexpectedly is priceless. Carrying a plush-brown teddy bear that is holding a small heart which reads: “be mine” for your little love and homemade cookies or brownies for the class to experience the love will certainly let your child know just how special they are.

Do Something Special for the Less Fortunate
During this time of love, there are some that just don’t feel loved as a result of their circumstances. What about the child whose family in the shelter and are  feeling down? What about the homeless person under the bridge who needs a warm blanket and a warm meal? What about a friendly game of checkers or a conversation filled with listening to the seniors of infrequent visits to their assistant living home?

Do Something with Other Family Members
If you just want a sense of belonging and togetherness, how about spending time with grandma and grandpa as they share their stories of Valentine’s Day celebrations over the years? Maybe a family dinner with siblings to show your expression of love or lunch with long time acquaintances would be nice as well. The key to love is that you are giving something of value to someone because you are in admiration of that person. The affection that you have deepens as time goes on. What you’re giving is unconditional and doesn’t always mean money:

  • Giving your time to seniors to play a favorite pass-time, read a book or look at old photos.
  • Giving your ear to listen to a close friend in time of need.
  • Giving your advice to a teen under so much pressure from society to do things that are morally wrong but somehow justified.
  • Giving your hand to that child whose parents gave them up AND has given up on them.
  • Giving a second chance
  • Giving thanks

This Valentine’s Day, let us take the time to reflect on how we can show an expression of genuine love. What you desire to have is what you should be willing to share. Whether you are single, married, separated, divorced or widowed, make this day a celebration of love, memorable for you.

Kimberly R. Lock is the author of Who You Callin’ Silly? How a Silly Woman Becomes Virtuous. She assists her husband in the business aspects of running Unity Gospel House of Prayer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You are invited to join the author and other once silly, now virtuous women at

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