Six Benefits of Lawn Installation and Sod Installation in Surrey

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Have you always dreamed of having a lush green lawn? Unfortunately, residents in regions with overly dry and extremely cold climates cannot fulfill their dreams due to unfavorable weather. Natural grass has to be sown in the right season, watered regularly, and protected from pests. 

Therefore, an increasing number of homeowners opt for sod, referring to pre-grown grass installed in any season. It requires less irrigation and care while reducing soil erosion, noise pollution, and heat. 

Have a look at the main benefits of artificial lawn Installation for residents of Surrey. 

No waiting

Sodding has appealed to numerous homeowners in Surrey due to its ability to provide instant results. Unlike natural lawns, which take between seven and thirty days for the grass to start growing, sod makes yards look green immediately after installation. The growth of natural grass depends on different factors, such as the type, local weather, and soil. 

Turf, on the other hand, prevents the area from looking patchy, as it doesn’t take time to become denser. Lawn installation requires no longer than several hours to get completed in any season. Unless the ground is frozen, turf can be installed in the middle of winter. In contrast, grass seeds cannot be sown when the weather is cold but from late summer to mid-autumn. 

Less watering

The low-maintenance nature of turf is another reason for residents of Surrey to consider sodding. Traditional lawns are supposed to be watered as many as four times daily to prevent the ground from drying, especially in areas with extreme temperatures. 

Conversely, turf requires daily watering in the course of the first few weeks, mostly twice per day. As a result, homeowners use less water in the process of maintenance, as well as spend less time and energy on caring for the sod. See this page for some practical tips about watering turf. 

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Fast use

Surrey residents are suggested to try sodding due to the possibility to use it almost immediately after being installed. In the case of traditional lawns, grass blades are overly fragile when coming out of the seeds. Consequently, using the lawn once grass starts growing would lead to severe damage.

Nevertheless, turf is more resistant to damage after installation, taking a maximum of four weeks to be established. During this period, homeowners are capable of using the lawn as long as they practice light activities. 

No soil erosion

Another benefit of lawn installation is preventing soil erosion, as the turf is already grown prior to the process of installation. When it comes to traditional lawns, grass seeds are more likely to be blown away by the wind before they germinate. Not only seeds but also soil is susceptible to erosion when exposed to high winds. 

Sodding, on the other hand, provides excellent soil protection since it takes the role of a mat. It keeps soil in place, which is especially beneficial to homeowners coping with muddy yards. Such coverage prevents household residents from carrying mud and dirt inside their homes after walking on the turf. Visit this link,, to check out five ways for keeping your house clean during a muddy spring. 

Reduced noise pollution

One of the most surprising benefits of sodding is reduced noise pollution. Homeowners in Surrey are victims of traffic noise pollution in neighborhoods where cars pass by frequently. Anyhow, turf can do wonders for the reduction of noise, taking the role of a sound barrier. 

In fact, sod has a similar impact on noise when compared to carpets inside the house. It’s capable of absorbing sounds, hence reducing the noise coming from outside the house.

Reduction of heat

Turf is particularly favorable for homeowners dwelling in areas with hot temperatures, as it absorbs heat. When compared to asphalt and concrete, sod is much cooler. 

It not only reduces heat but also minimizes greenhouse gases by absorbing carbon dioxide. At the same time, sod cools the air by releasing oxygen. 

Final word

You’ll no longer have to wait for months for your yard to look entirely green. 

Investing in an artificial lawn has unquestionably become a trend among homeowners in areas with unfavorable weather conditions.

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