Snow Joe’s Helpful Snow Tips


iON18SB_unit_frontNeed some snow removal tips this winter?

Snow Joe, an industry leader in snow removal equipment, is helping home owners conquer the snow with the first single-stage snow blower to provide easy and convenient cord- and gas-free operation.

Snow Joe ION is:

  • Convenient – With just a 3-hour charge time, it runs for 25-40 minutes – no cords, no gas – it’s always ready to go. Plus, its whisper-quiet design allows users to clear paths day or night.
  • Powerful – Equipped with a 40-Volt EcoSharp™ Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, the 2-blade auger clears an 18” wide path up to 8” deep.
  • Eco-Friendly – Zero emissions, Energy Star-certified and no gas or oil needed.

Snow Joe CEO, Joseph Cohen, offers some snow removal tips below:

Know your area’s average snowfall.

  • Weather can always change, but it’s important to know approximately how much snow you get every year.
  • The Snow Joe iON – the first single-stage snowblower on the market that is cordless and gas-free – can clear a path of snow up to eight inches deep, but we also offer other machines for different snowfall totals.

Assess your area and know your responsibilities.

  • What paths will you need to clear? Do you have a large driveway and a lot of sidewalks that the city will expect you to clear? Will your neighbors need assistance? Make sure you’re properly equipped.
  • The Snow Joe iON is whisper-quiet and comes with an LED headlight to remove snow day or night for convenient snow removal on driveways, walkways and sidewalks. It’s easy to lend a hand to neighbors in need.
  • Snow Joe iON is lightweight enough to use on decks and patios, and is easy to loan to a neighbor.

Think about all the different types of snow.

  • Not all snow is created equal. Make sure you have several tools in your tool shed to tackle different kinds of snow.
  • When it comes to wet, saturated snow, be safe and use a snow blower to prevent injury. The new Snow Joe iON is easy to use, allowing for maximum convenience and minimum stress on your muscles.
  • For light powder on porches and car windshields, try a snow broom that won’t scratch your surfaces.
  • If removing a mixture of ice and snow, tackle the ice first. Invest in an eco-friendly ice melt that is safe for sidewalks and pets, or use Snow Joe’s 2-in-1 snow pusher and ice chopper to break up ice before tackling snow accumulation.

Look for hidden snow hazards.

  • When removing snow from around the house, don’t forget the out-of-sight places that snow can accumulate. Be sure to remove snow from the roof and gutters with a roof rake, since heavy accumulation can result in roof collapses.
  • In addition, make sure vents are cleared of snow – especially appliance vents such as dryers – to eliminate fire hazards.

Be prepared.

  • Snow accumulates quickly, so it’s important to prepare.
  • Make sure you’re equipped with snow removal tools before snow hits to ensure you’re prepared and avoid the rush and depleted availability of tools.
  • Keep your health and safety in mind if removing snow with a shovel. Consider an easy-to-use snowblower for heavy accumulation.
  • Eliminate the need to stock the garage with gasoline, which can present a fire hazard. Snow Joe iON’s rechargeable 40-volt lithium-ion battery is quick and convenient, as well as Energy Star certified.
  • If you plan to remove snow at night or in the morning, consider quieter options. The Snow Joe iON is approximately 10 times quieter than standard gas-powered models.
  • Start tackling snow early when it’s still a powder. It’s better to clear snow as its falling than letting it accumulate and pack into your driveways and walkways.