Snus: Welcome To The Age Of Smokeless Nicotine

People who are hooked to smoking cigarettes can attest to how difficult it is to kick the detrimental habit. There are hundreds of solutions; some work, others are purely ballyhoo. Quitting smoking and vaping is daunting. However, the benefits are much more significant than anticipated. Many have tried medication, nicotine replacement, behavioral therapy, or take the cold turkey route. And now, many are preaching about the effectiveness of a product from Sweden that’s guaranteed to reduce the harmful effects of smoking, sniffing, and chewing tobacco. Snus, they call it.

But what exactly is this 19th century alternative to smoking? Do they work? Where can you find them? And are they legal? You are probably bombarded by these and more questions regarding this fantastic product. We have researched this subject to bring you insight into the matter.

So, What Is Snus?

Is it possible to get your fix of nicotine without lighting a tobacco cigarette? If you have traveled to a country in central Europe, you may have seen someone put what appears to be a tiny piece of paper under their lip. This may have been snus. It is found predominantly in Sweden and Norway, but it is growing in notoriety beyond continental borders. 

Snus is pre-packaged moistened tobacco that is sold in tiny pouches that are usually white in color. It is available in several flavors to suit diverse tastes. Currently, there are also numerous brands from different manufacturers in the market. The product is gaining immense popularity in the global community, mainly attributed to the belief that they are less harmful to your health than cigarettes.

As mentioned earlier, snus is available in pouches. To use them, one places one of these mini bags between the upper lip and the gum. The active compounds are then absorbed via sublabial routes into the body. The quality of snus depends on the mode of production and the country of manufacture. The Swedish version is air-dried then ground, while American snus is made from grated tobacco, fermented, and left to ferment over time.

Why You Should Use Snus

Our mission would be incomplete if we failed to mention the benefits of replacing cigarette smoking with snus:

  1. It is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes which contain carcinogens and other toxins like benzene.
  2. They are very discrete. Other methods of consuming tobacco like smoking and chewing are challenging to keep hidden, especially in a public or formal setting.
  3. Snus is easily accessible.

You can buy from a physical store that stocks nicotine replacement products or from an online source. Depending on your country of residence, you may have to confirm whether you can buy snus. Different countries have varying laws. For instance, retailers are currently banned from selling within the EU, but people from other regions can purchase from online retail sellers such as Snusdirect. Ensure you confirm the legal status of snus in your country before you place any orders. 

Final Thought

In recent years, snus has emerged as a compelling alternative to smoking tobacco products. It minimizes the occurrence of cigarette-related health conditions like lung cancer and non-neoplastic oral disease. If you consider taking up smokeless tobacco, opt for snus if your country of residence allows it.

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