Steps To Take To Repair Home Water Damage

Steps To Take To Repair Home Water Damage

After a flooding event or a leak in your home, once you identify the source and drain the water, you’re left with the damage it created. Excess water can lead to anything from chipped paint to foundational errors, which can turn into serious issues that negatively impact the structure and value of your home. Follow these steps to take to repair home water damage so you can return your home to the way it was.

Dry Everything Out

After you remove the excess water, dry out the space. All the excess moisture can cause further damage or lead to mold and mildew growth. One of the most effective ways to dry out your space is to install a dehumidifier; it’ll pull the excess moisture out of the air. Many homes feature dehumidifiers to maintain a controlled moisture level. They’re particularly valuable in extreme cases such as the aftermath of a flood.

Decide What To Toss and What To Save

While you can use a dehumidifier to collect moisture, it won’t save all your belongings. You must decide what’s beyond salvaging and what you can save. You may be able to salvage items like carpeting and furniture, depending on the type of water damage. Any items that were exposed to Category Two or Category Three water damage should be tossed away, along with any items that already have mold growth. These conditions make the belongings unsafe and potentially hazardous to keep in your home.

Cleaning and Restoration

The next step involves cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas of your home, especially areas exposed to hazardous materials such as sewage and blackwater. Homeowners will often look to a professional restoration service for this process, as it can be a lot for the average homeowner to handle. Hiring a water damage professional helps ensure your home receives a thorough, proper cleaning and restoration. When you employ a professional to help with such difficult tasks, you can have peace of mind that your home is safe once more.

Keep your home safe by following these steps to take to repair home water damage after a flood, leak, or other emergency.

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