Summer Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own

Take advantage of the gorgeous weather outside and the mild temperatures and upgrade your summer wardrobe. Summer is the time of year to enjoy the longer days and explore more of the outdoors. Your clothing options for the season will likely be more casual, lightweight and comfortable, like a pair of women’s flat shoes and some jean shorts. Update your summer look by investing in a few essentials for your closet. Every woman should have these summer staples on hand to keep their style going all throughout the season.

Easy Sundress

If you don’t have at least one breezy sundress in your closet, it’s time to start shopping. Summer gives you a reason to show a little more skin, and a sundress is a feminine way to show off your seasonal glow. A strappy sundress offers your closet a lot of versatile looks. Add a pair of cute flip flops to your outfit for a day at the beach. Cover it with a light sweater for an instant workwear makeover. Dress it up with some chic accessories and be ready for a night out on the town.

Comfy Sandals  

Summer is also an excuse to give your feet a little more room to breathe. A comfy pair of Birkenstock sandals is a standard piece of footwear for your closet during this time of the year. Sandals can be appropriate for all different types of occasions, dressy, relaxed or the office. Another bonus of wearing sandals is you get a reason to keep up with your weekly pedicures and show off your cute polished toes.

Cropped Pants 

Another staple that should be in every woman’s closet this summer is a pair of cropped pants. There are lots of different options for styles when it comes to cropped summer pants. You can choose a pair of slim cropped dark-rinse jeans, a loose pair of cropped linen slacks or cargo-style cropped pants that give you a rugged option for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Casual Sneakers

To keep up with the pace of physical activities and fun in the summer, every woman should also own a pair of casual sneakers. Womens white sneakers go with almost every type of outfit and give you easy, elegant style. Wear your sneakers to the beach, on a picnic, at summer soirees or at home when you’re lounging around and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Flattering Swimsuit 

The last essential piece of fashion every woman should own for a fabulous summer of style is a flattering swimsuit. Buying a bathing suit each year can be stress-inducing, but if you find a silhouette that accentuates your figure and makes you feel comfortable, it will make your time at the pool and the beach even more enjoyable. Search for a suit that fits properly. It may be best to go with separates if you want a two-piece. This year’s options for flattering suits include high waist bikinis, slimming one-pieces, plunging necklines and retro styles.

Have your most stylish summer by stocking your closet with these fashion basics. Show off effortless beauty and grace with these essential fashion pieces and make your summer the best ever.

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