Tackling Picky Eaters

Toddlers can be rather picky eaters where they refuse to eat nothing but chicken nuggets, if at all. Any attempt to feed them alternative is often met with resistance and tantrums. As they rage on, usually some parents give in and let the child have their way despite their best judgment like knowing when to call an accident injury lawyer. It is not that it’s bad parenting; it is a phase that is entirely unavoidable for some. If you’re currently wondering what to do to have your child eat, try out these ideas if you haven’t already.

Let them be

It sounds contrary to what you might expect as a tip, but respecting your child’s meal choices is one way to remove any ill feelings that might develop during mealtimes. When they refuse to eat, trust that their bodies are intelligent enough to detect when they need a particular type of nutrient. If you look at the entire week, there are days they can get in a substantial variety of food. Positively reinforce those days, but serve fewer portions on the other and leave it open to them to ask for seconds. They just might not be hungry. When you respect their body, they will learn to do the same when they grow up.

Be patient

Young children are introduced to a lot of tastes. During these early days, accord them the opportunity to become acquainted with specific tastes. Like with the classic case of broccoli, it takes several repetitions for the child to become accustomed to how something looks and feels and the flavor. It is after they can mark it in their mind as something they would like to continue taking. When introducing something new, pair it with their favorite should they need to “wash away” the unique taste.

Keep them hydrated

Another way to ensure that the picky eater is getting the dietary requirements they need is through keeping them hydrated on juices. Opt to make them yourself, though it might need using more sweeteners to appeal to their taste buds. Include milk and water during meal times and snack times to keep them going throughout the day.

Have them respect mealtimes

While you should respect their appetites, they also need to respect mealtimes. Set a routine and actively work to stick to it to create a sense of order for your child. Equally, when they are at the table, have them stay at the table until everyone is finished with their meal. That’s regardless of whether they will eat or not. If you’re lucky, they will cave and have a bit to, at the very least, pass the time.

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