Talking to Your Kin About Your Will

There is a glamorization that exists when we people talk about wills that are not entirely accurate. For most, if there was no mention of it within the family, the only other reference that existed was when they watched in the movies or television where the same brought about friction among family members. The reason however that most people don’t talk about wills is that it brings with it a sense of bad karma, as though someone was expecting the person to pass away before their time.

Discussions about death are what remind us that our time on earth is limited and not everyone is comfortable enough to have that conversation with themselves or others for that matter. The conversations are often filled with tense emotions, especially when people have their opinion as to what the best course of action should be. It is likely that the person wishing to talk about their estate will upset more than one party, leaving behind factions and people upset for not getting what they feel could be rightfully theirs.

While it could bring about the above-stated emotions, talking to those inheriting your property is important. Not only because it eliminates any conflict that might arise after your death, but it also put them in an empowered position. We don’t always know whom to contact as we would an ICBC lawyer Victoria has when we are trying to get our business in order. The benefit then of talking to your family about the will is that you’re able to tell them who the contact person is in the event of your death. For the most part, people expect the elderly to have these conversations with their children. You don’t have to wait to be in your sunset years because we are not always guaranteed that we will live for as long as we wish to.

We’ve all heard narratives of persons squandering their inheritance. Once could fault this as a character issue but it could be the notion that a person is new to having that much money that they treat it as a means to achieving a lifestyle they have in their mind. However, when you tell your family that they stand to acquire a significant amount, in the event of death, they are not entirely taken aback and are in a better position to make sound decisions as to what to do with their new found wealth. At that point, they would have had enough time to think about what matters to them and act accordingly.

The beneficiary will mourn for their parents, but when they know that they don’t have the added emotional burden of what happens to the estate after that, they can become less stressed. They also have awareness, and respect for the decisions taken as these are conversations that they’ve had before the person died.

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