Teas That Pair Perfectly With Desserts

Teas That Pair Perfectly With Desserts

Drinking tea can be a tasty and healthy way to start the morning, end the day, or simply relax for a few minutes. And, just like wine and beer pair perfectly with certain foods, so does tea—especially when it comes to desserts. If you want to enhance your tea-drinking experiencing tenfold, then take a look at these teas that pair perfectly with desserts and consider indulging in a combination that suits your personal taste.


Sometimes, contrasting flavors complement each other in delicious ways. Let’s take a classic spicy chai, for example. This iconic tea is well known for its heat, which can be more or less bitter depending on the specific blend you buy. Some folks don’t like the spiciness of chai but, when paired with the right dessert, that spiciness will be less overpowering and more welcoming.

Some of the best desserts to mix with a spicy chai are rich baked goods like brownies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls. When it comes to choosing a cake for your chai, consider balancing out that spiciness with a dense pound cake for mouthwatering results.

Peppermint Tea

When it comes to discussing teas that pair perfectly with desserts, peppermint should need no introduction. The strong flavor of peppermint complements sweet treats like ice cream and, in particular, anything under the “chocolate” category. Chocolate brownies, bars, cakes, cookies, puddings, and beyond will be immediately lifted by the cool flavor and refreshing scent of peppermint tea.

Many teas use peppermint as an ingredient but using a plain peppermint tea to enhance your dessert will still work immensely. However, we certainly recommend experimenting with other peppermint-flavored teas to find some uniquely tasty flavor combinations.

Green Tea

As mentioned above, contrasting elements can create a shockingly cohesive and delicious flavor combination. This is why the light and floral flavor of green tea is a great complement to the sweet flavor of rich chocolate or vanilla. That being said, using contrasting flavors isn’t always the best route to go.

Thanks to its floral, nutty flavor, green tea pairs astonishingly well with nutty or fruit-flavored desserts. If you like nuts in your cookies, having a warm cup of green tea by your side while indulging in a few will make for a tasty, cozy evening. Furthermore, for the best results, use loose-leaf green tea leaves as opposed to tea bags. Using this principle with all teas will make your tea-drinking endeavors far more satisfying in terms of flavor and even health benefits.

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