Tech Gadgets

3M Mobile Projectors
The new 3M Mobile Projector is a sleek and efficient pocket projector that is designed to be used with Apple products for those who want a big screen experience when watching movies or sharing a presentation on the road. The 3M Camcorder Projector is a camcorder with embedded projector, giving you the power to shoot—and share—holiday memories instantly.

3M Privacy Filters
These filters help prevent nosy strangers from getting a view of your laptop, tablet or smartphone screen when you’re out in public. New 3M Privacy Screen Protectors offer privacy for tablets and smartphones and protect the device’s display screen from dust, dirt and scratches. And the 3M Gold Privacy Filters for laptops offer two times more privacy protection and 14 percent increased clarity over standard blackout filters and help you stay productive on the road.

Acoustic Research App-Enhanced Docking Station
Spoil the music and movie fan on your list with the Acoustic Research App-Enhanced Docking Station for iPad.  It will help your loved ones get the most out of their iPad, including high performance sound, access to local FM stations, ability to play and control their music library and iPod video content, all while charging your iPod, iPhone or iPad.  The 90-degree rotation allows you to switch from portrait to landscape at the touch of a button so you can watch your favorite holiday movie.  Apps allow for volume control and brightness settings.  The app alarm features can be set for snooze and sleep and lets you wake-up to radio, alarm or iPod.  MSRP:  $129.99

Brother P-Touch Labeler
The Brother PT-1290 is a unique organization tool.  Not only can you use it for everyday organization projects, such as labeling filing folders and storage containers at home or in the office, but the Deco Modes allows users to add a crafty touch to DIY gifts and scrapbook pages by applying decorative symbols and borders. This labeler makes a great gift for moms, organization fanatics or teachers.

GoFlex Slim
Seagate’s GoFlex Slim is the perfect storage solution for students, traveling professionals and families who are looking for a conveniently small, highly efficient hard drive. Stated the world’s thinnest hard drive, GoFlex Slim is only 9mm thick, about the thickness of a pencil and is ideal for anyone with limited storage space due to the restrictions of a dorm room or packed suitcase. As one of this year’s must-have gadgets, the drive can store up to 320 GB of digital content, ensuring that all your important work (and favorite music, family videos, priceless photos) are safe and secure. Slim even comes in a super sleek, black anodized case that helps resist against damage when the kids are rowdy or while traveling across the country.

Fretlight Teaching Guitar
The new Fretlight teaching guitar enables dads who never had the time or talent to finally achieve their dreams of rock stardom. Like having your own personal guitar teacher 24/7, Fretlight takes wanna-be players from zero to sixty by pairing a real, lighted guitar with video-based lessons. Simply follow the lights with your fingers and the on-screen video to learn hundreds of songs in no time. This is a real, quality guitar though, not a toy. They are sold online as well as retailers throughout the country.

Linksys E4200 Wireless Router
The Linksys E4200 wireless router is a perfect gift for anyone who’s interested in building the ultimate connected home. The E4200 is the first building block that can handle gaming consoles, HDTV streaming video, Roku boxes, eReaders, smartphones, and any other wireless device that needs screaming connectivity.

RCA Powerlink Internet Media Kit
Treat the techie on your list to an RCA Powerlink Internet Media Kit which turns any electrical power outlet into a high speed Internet connection, so they can stream HD movies, play video games and more on their TVs through a Blu-ray player, Apple TV or gaming system.  It features an easy set-up – all you need to do is plug the system into a standard AC outlet – so there’s more time to deck the halls with family and friends.  MSRP: $129.99

RCA’s USB Wall Plate and USB Travel Charger
Recharge favorite gadgets at home and on-the-go with RCA’s USB Wall Plate and USB Travel Charger.  At home, the USB Wall Plate turns any standard outlet into a USB outlet in seconds, giving you the option to charge your iPod, Digital Camera and still have an outlet to plug in your Christmas lights or Menorah.  If you’re traveling to a relative’s house and are in need of additional outlets, bring the USB Travel Charger so you can charge two USB devices, and still plug in up to three AC products like your blow dryer, straightening iron or cell phone. MSRP:  $19.99 and $24.99, respectively.

Road Mice
Road Mice is the officially licensed, high quality computer mouse (or car mouse) in the shape of your favorite automobile—the one you own, or the one you hope to own. In addition to coming in some of the coolest makes and models, like Corvette, Lamborghinis, Mercedes, Ford Mustangs, Dodge Charger and Chevy Camaro, the mouse contains state-of-the-art technology.  In fact, it was recently integrated with HP™ technology meaning its “engine” is now supercharged with enhanced quality and design, thus providing an enhanced functionality. Beginning at just $39.99 Road Mice make the perfect holiday gift for car enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone who wants the latest gear.

SplashID Key Safe
Instead of scribbling confidential information down on a post-it, SplashData has introduced the SplashID Key Safe to securely store their passwords, usernames, credit card numbers, PINs and more. The SplashID Key Safe is a USB drive that will protect your valuable data—and your pictures, music and documents, too.

Touch Mouse
Looking for the ultimate PC companion? Microsoft’s first multitouch mouse, Touch Mouse was designed specifically for the Windows 7 user, providing a faster and easier navigating experience with unique multitouch gestures for one, two or three fingers. Whether you’re working, playing or surfing, you can click, flick, scroll, snap and swipe for the ultimate PC experience. Available now for $79.95. Craving versatility? The Explorer Touch Mouse is the newest member of Microsoft’s touch family. Designed for active Mac and PC users, the new mouse features an advanced scroll strip that responds to both horizontal and vertical swipes, flicks and clicks and can track on virtually any surface with Microsoft’s BlueTrack Technology. And for the first time, the latest Microsoft mouse offers an 18-month battery life. Available now for $49.95, in three colors: Coal Black, Storm Gray and Sangria Red. Want more mobility? Arc Touch Mouse was the first member of the touch family designed for people on the go. As the first mouse to pop up for comfort and flatten for portability, when you’re ready to go simply collapse the mouse, slip it in your bag, purse or pocket and you’re ready to go! Arc Touch also features a touch scroll strip for fast and easy navigation. Available now for $59.95.

TP-LINK Wireless Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera
With its 354 degree horizontal pan and 125 degree vertical tilt as well as true day/night surveillance capabilities, both mom and dad will get a kick out of playing with TP-LINK’s Wireless Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera. This Camera will allow them to completely monitor a whole room 24 x 7—whether from their computer, mobile phone, or iPad. By mounting it on a ceiling or wall, they can watch the baby or the nanny.  They can even set it up outdoors on a covered patio for security purposes and monitor for strange activity.  It’s also a fun gadget to just mess around with.

VueZone is an innovative, recently updated, check-in gadget, compatible with apps—designed to help people manage their busy lifestyles. Using propriety FrameMesh technology, VueZone, allows users to place cameras anywhere inside or outside the home or office for around-the-clock viewing. From that busy traveler who wants to  check-in on the kids and/or pets while away to guys who want to make sure a man-cave isn’t being infiltrated with flowery decorations, VueZone gives individuals a second pair of eyes. Footage can be streamed directly to users mobile phones via the free VueZone Mobile application for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. In addition, the newly added motion detection feature alerts users via e-mail of activity taking place wherever the cameras are located.

Zazzle’s customized iPhone cases is a great fit for the Smartphone lover in your life. They typically cost between $30 and $40.  Available also for the Blackberry and other Smartphones.

The zBoost METRO can be found on for $135. The device extends wireless signal indoors for condos, lofts and apartments. It’s easy set-up. The antenna attaches to a window with coverage up to 1,500 sq ft. It’s also Smartphone ready. The device boosts 3G, Edge and aircards for multiple users and multiple carriers simultaneously

zBoost-SOHO Dual Band
This other offering from zBoost can also be found on for $199.  It offers you the coverage you need. It helps to boost both 800MHz and 1900MHz simultaneously including aircards, EDGE and 3G Technology, providing coverage up to 2,500 sq ft. It can also host multiple phones and carriers simultaneously.