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featuresFujitsu’s ScanSnap
is the leading scanner on the market today and can quickly and easily turn documents into secure, searchable (using the bundled OCR software) PDFs or JPEGs. The ScanSnap iX500 is Fujitsu’s flagship desktop scanner with built in Wi-Fi, allowing users to scan directly to an iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire mobile devices, without even turning on the computer. This is the ideal tech gadget for Dads trying to stay organized around the home and office, or students staying tidy while at college.

Dads and Grads can also benefit from the ScanSnap iX100 – same technology as the iX500, but smaller and battery powered. One key difference is users can scan wirelessly even without a router. – This means that you can scan anywhere, whether in the library, park, or at a conference, etc.
Is your computer running a bit sluggish these days? Whether it’s for your dad or the high school grad in your household,  we all rely on computer or laptop every day. Why not give them a $50 computer/laptop memory upgrade, which can be self-installed in 5 minutes.

A computer is likely one of the more expensive yet necessary devices in today digital world —  but when it’s not running as good as it used to (slow, etc.) — fear, anger and frustration sets in. Don’t panic, no need for “angry dad!” 

In a nutshell, computer memory is what allows your computer to perform many of the everyday tasks we rely on to work more efficiently – like browsing the web, using Word/Excel, having multiple programs open at once and being able multitask. An easy way to visualize this, is to think of computer memory like your desk. Having more memory is like having a bigger desk, and allows you the space to work on more projects at once. has a free online tool that quickly scans your computer and lets you know the exact type of memory you need, taking the guess work out of online ordering. 

Device + iPhoneBACtrack Mobile
BACtrack Mobile combines police-grade technology with Bluetooth connectivity so it syncs right to an app on iOS, Android and Apple Watch, allowing users to quickly and easily estimate their BAC.

The app also has an awesome ZeroLine™ feature that provides an estimated time to sobriety so users know how long until they will return to 0.00% BAC.




iHome Audio
iHome Audio
 has a variety of iPhone/iPod compatible electronics that make the perfect gifts for any music loving dad this Father’s Day! Here are a few of their newest items under $100 that would be a great gift:

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.10.05 PMPanasonic Open Ear Headphones
Panasonic Open Ear Headphones is designed with soft, cushioning material to absorb vertical vibration above the ear while a user is working out. They are also sweat and water resistant. Ideal for outdoor use, car horns, traffic and other sounds are not blocked because the headphones do not cover your ears. The sides and back feature reflective strips for greater visibility and safety in low light and at night.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.15.14 PMTech21
Whether dad is an occasional iPad user or he’s a tech aficionado, give him peace of mind this Father’s Day by outfitting him with the best mobile device protection on the market. Tech21 (, the leader in impact protection for smartphones, tablets and laptops, has a suite of protective cases featuring Tech21’s scientifically proven material, FlexShock, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The new Tech21 EVO range featuring FlexShock delivers thinner (by nearly 30%), lighter and more stylish impact protection than ever before. Each case protects your device from accidental drops and mishaps while offering a wide array of styles and colors to match your tastes.


Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.22.02 PMCrusta
There are a number of men in our lives, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles and grandfathers. They are unique and have different interests. Your uncle may like to travel, your father is more of the outdoor type and your brother is really into technology.

There is one gift this Father’s Day that will benefit them all. Amzer has created Crusta, a phone case made of glass that is nearly as unbreakable as a diamond. It can endure drops up to 6 feet when it slips from your uncle’s hands full grip at the airport, a tempered glass screen protector to shield the phone from mud and dirt on dad’s fishing trip, and built-in touch sensitivity so a techie brother won’t be frustrated with an unresponsive screen.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 1.20.13 PMUrban Armor Gear
With the release of the Microsoft Surface 3, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) provides a way for it to confidently adventure with you in your everyday life with it’s rugged and military-touch, yet lightweight case.

The Urban Armor Gear Surface 3 case is built for compatibility with the Microsoft Surface Keyboard and utility with a built-in stylus holder for the Surface Pen. UAG supports ease of use by including an aluminum kick-stand, which is crafted with three angular positions plus a portrait viewing option.

UAG’s Surface 3 case offers uncompromised audio and complete accessibility to its touch screen, buttons, microSD card reader, and mini display ports.  Additionally, its frogskin exterior grip material and military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) – provide the ruggedness UAG is known for.


  • Compatible with Microsoft Type Cover keyboard
  • Feather-light composite construction & impact resistant soft core
  • Water resistant exterior grip material
  • Aluminum kick stand with 3 angular positions
  • Stylus holder keeps your Surface Pen close at hand
  • Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.56.28 PMVelvetwire’s Powerslayer
A great gift for the mom who loves her tech gadgets is Velvetwire’s Powerslayer — a stylishly designed intelligent smartphone charger that solves the vampire power issue by including device-aware software creating a more energy efficient charging experience. Integrated surge protection offers safety for you and your gadgets not provided by any other device charger.

Powerslayer’s benefits are totally automatic. Just plug Powerslayer in and charge your phones and tablets as usual. Inside, Powerslayer has a small computer that continuously monitors and controls the charging process, keeping things safe and optimized.

Learn more at their website.




Master Lock SafeSpaceScreen Shot 2015-05-02 at 11.50.35 AM
The Master Lock SafeSpace is a small, portable safe to store valuables such as jewelry, cell phones or credit cards while you’re out and about. Whether at your child’s sporting event or working out at the gym, the Master Lock SafeSpace is perfect for mother’s on the go, and provides your personal belongings with added security.  

Master Lock 1509DLOV Love Lock
The Master Lock 1509DLOV Love Lock offers keyless convenience and is durably designed to resist cutting and sawing. To be used for back packs, briefcases, cabinets and more, this lock not only shows your love, but also provides security Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 11.50.39 AMfor your loved one.


DualUSB-ComboFreshTech™ Mobile Accessories

The new FreshTech™ Mobile Accessories from Premier Accessory Group combine their patent-pending, proprietary Scent Ring System with charging your phone, tablet and other digital devices or safely securing your phone and GPS while in your car. Now, bad smells in your car are a thing of the past!

FreshTech™ USB Car Charger + Air Freshener (DUAL USB & SINGLE USB models)


  • combines charging your digital devices with proprietary air freshening system
  • available in Single USB or Dual USB models
  • plugs into a car’s 12 volt socket
  • charges your devices on the go
  • for phones, tablets, GPS or other digital devices
  • each unit includes one Scent Ring

FreshTech™ Vent Mount + Air Freshener


  • securely clips into your vehicle’s air vent
  • vent mount clip rotates 360 degrees
  • can adjust it horizontally or vertically
  • phone cradle’s adjustable arms fit devices up to 3½ inches wide
  • includes one Scent Ring

FreshTech™ Scent Ring Collection


  • engineered to last up to 30 days
  • includes six of the most popular fragrances to choose from
  • Refilling the Scent Ring is incredibly easy
  • Simply unscrew the top of the charger or remove the back of the vent mount
  • dispose of the used Scent Ring, insert the new ring, reassemble the unit
  • available as a 2-pack

Divoom: Voombox-Travel

3-Inch Round Rugged, powerful and splash resistant Bluetooth speaker

  • Palm Size, Rechargeable, portable Bluetooth speaker designed specifically for rugged conditions
  • Splash-resistant case that protects its components from splashing water and dust
  • Wirelessly stream audio from tablets, smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • 6-hour rechargeable battery and a 2’ driver and 2” passive radiator
  • Built-in microphone to make and take calls wirelessly
  • Included metal carabiner design lets you clip it on to your belt, jeans or backpack
  • Available in a variety of colors: red, blue, black and green

XP620_HO_2Epson Expression Premium XP-620 Small-in-One® All-in-One Printer 

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mom how much you care. And what’s a better way to say “I love you” than leveraging a robust printing solution to create hand-made, personalized gifts from the heart such as the Epson Expression Premium XP-620 Small-in-One® All-in-One Printer.

Leveraging Epson’s MicroPiezo printing technology and Claria Premium inks, the XP-620 delivers consumer-rated unbeatable photo quality for vivid, borderless photos up to 8” x 10”. The XP-620 also comes equipped with the Epson Connect suite of free mobile printing solutions, and even enables users to edit, scan and share photos directly to Facebook or the cloud. Plus, the XP-620 was designed as complete wireless solutions, and features built-in Wi-Fi CERTIFIED and Wi-Fi Direct for network-free printing as well as built-in memory card slots and USB slots for PC-free printing4. Users will never miss a beat when it comes to productivity.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.43.54 PMRazorMax

When you are away from an outlet you have to think twice about what apps and programs you can run on your smartphone or tablet. Popular games and apps, even making long calls can rapidly drain battery power. Instead of sacrificing the functionality of your devices just to preserve battery life, myCharge has created the RazorMax to keep multiple devices powered at once without having to carry around a device that feels and looks like a brick.

The minimalist RazorMax can charge smartphones and tablets at the same time but is only four inches by two and half inches in size. It¹s sleek anodized aluminum finish also makes it appeal to any tastes and it packs enough power to provide 27 hours of extra battery life. 


Evutec is a new brand of protective cases that use innovative materials like bamboo, flowers, denim and even grass to construct cell phone cases that are light, strong, durable and sleek.  

Without getting overly technical, Evutec uses a special technology that essentially flattens any material into an almost paper-thin cover.  (0.7mm thick!) The case is then lined with Dupont Kevlar fibers which make it 5 Xs stronger than steel – practically bulletproof.  Ultimately their covers don’t add any extra weight or thickness to your phone.

Evutec products retail between $45 and $500 ($500 is for a made-to-order diamond and seashell case they are launching) and can be found nationwide at Apple locations and Best Buy as well as online at

Kristäl Edge to Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector

There are millions of ways to break your phone but here are the top 5 reasons, the phone fell out of their hands, immersed in liquid, spilled liquid on it, fell out of their lap or got knocked off the table. All of these reasons can happen to anyone.

The cost of getting your phone repaired can be between $60-$200 depending on your phone. One of the phone accessories people need to invest in is a screen protector. Amzer has created the Kristäl Edge to Edge Tempered Glass screen protector for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. It’s affordable, features beveled edges that fit the curvature of your phone eliminating weak points that result in cracks.

See it in action:


Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 8.43.33 PMLexar Products

Lexar makes a variety of USB flash drives that are practical, cool gifts for dads & grads. What’s cool about a flash drive? Well, more than you would think! There are plenty of ways to use them outside of just storing important files and documents. Dads can create a photobook that could live on the drive, to showcase all of their favorite family photos. Grads can store their large music and videos files to safely and easily take their music and video libraries with them wherever they go. Lexar has a variety of different drives ranging from 16GB-256GB so there are options for everyone such as:

Lexar JumpDrive M10 Secure USB 3.0 Flash Drive: Designed for on-the-go professionals, this device features comprehensive data protection and an easy-to-read, always-on capacity meter, which shows just how much capacity you have left on your device. And with speeds up to 4x faster than standard JumpDrive USB 2.0 flash drives, it allows you to quickly and safely store and transfer files. (Available in capacities 16GB-128GB with MSRPs between $22.99-$129.99)

Lexar JumpDrive S33 USB 3.0 Flash Drive: The JumpDrive S33 has a stylish, swivel design and is available in bright colors like purple, green, teal, orange capacity drives – not to mention it leverages SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology aka it’s super-fast! (Available in capacities of 8GB-128GB with MSRPs between $12.99 and $132.99)

Lexar JumpDrive M20 Mobile USB 3.0 Flash Drive: Lexar’s latest JumpDrive to the USB 3.0 line, this device quickly and easily transfers and shares photos, music, videos, and files between your Android tablet, smartphone, or computer. (Coming soon with capabilities between 16GB-64GB)

Lexar Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB Reader: Some people prefer to never upgrade, and that’s OK. For that friend or family member that may have really old memory cards laying around, we have the perfect gift in mind! If they were wondering what photos lived on that card, they’re in luck. The Lexar Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB 3.0 Reader is an easy-to-use, high-speed, all-in-one file transfer solution. It reads 25 memory card formats, and enables concurrent downloads and card-to-card file transfer.

Lexar® Platinum II SDHC™/SDXC™ UHS-I cardsThese memory cards are perfect for the everyday photographer. They have high-speed performance—leveraging UHS-II technology for read transfer speeds up to 1000x (150MB/s). The cards also have large capacity options, up to 128GB, which let you enjoy shooting longer without changing cards.

Divoom’s fearless, rugged and powerful Voombox-Party is the ideal tool to keep in any adventure arsenal.

This weatherized powerhouse can withstand the harshest conditions while packing an audio punch, compliments of its built-in subwoofer with dual passive radiators. The Voombox-Party features five drivers with dual high-performance 2”full-range drivers, one 3” subwoofer and dual passive radiators, which delivers 20 watts of room filling, thrilling sounds.

Additionally, the Voombox-Party is NFC compatible, features speakerphone capabilities and has a 10 hour playback time, so you can keep the jams playing all day, whether you’re at the beach, park, camping or more.

Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro – Available Now; pricing starts @ $469 on

  • Designed by Lenovo product engineer Ashton Kutcher, features include:
    • Larger-than-usual tablet with a 13-inch display
    • Built-in Pico projector that projects a high-resolution 50-inch screen onto any surface – you can stream videos, movies, TV shows onto your wall, ceiling, anywhere!
    • Proven the loudest tablet on the market with an 8 watt surround-sound system, including a 5 watt bass subwoofer
    • 4 convertible modes– Hold, Tilt, Stand, Hang.

Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 AnyPen with Windows (8-inch model) — Available Now; Pricing starts @ $299 on

  • Small screen tablets are now easier to use with AnyPen technology.  AnyPen does exactly what it sounds like – it lets you use any pen or pencil — or even a utensil like a spoon, fork, or metal chopstick with a 1mm metal or graphite tip—to navigate, write on the screen, take notes, etc.
    • This means = no more clumsy fingers on a tiny screen and no more losing/forgetting/having to replace your stylus
  • Includes great entertainment features like dual Dolby® Audio-enhanced front speakers and a 180° rotating kickstand with 4 modes including: Stand, Hold, Tilt and Hang mode – convenient for watching movies


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