Pulling the Plug—Raising Healthy Kids in a High-Tech World

By Dr. Eitan Schwarz

So, you’re about to have a baby, and there are so many things to do. You decorate your nursery… start interviewing caregivers…and establish a college fund. And, you should start creating a digital media plan, determining how (and how often) your child will use computers, TV, video games, etc. in the years ahead. Parents may not realize it, but they’re hardwiring circuits into their kids’ brains every day. When you give your child unsupervised access to media, you’re basically turning that job over to strangers.

Used properly, electronic content is a good thing. But emerging research regarding “media-soaked kids” reveals that technology can short-circuit healthy development. Studies show that the more time kids spend watching TV, the less time they spend socializing and learning. And that adolescents who play solitary video games become isolated in other ways, too. Read more…
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