The 3 Most Common Roofing Mistakes

The 3 Most Common Roofing Mistakes

Reroofing might seem like a chore, but it gives you the potential to really improve your roof—from curb appeal to energy efficiency. There’s a bevy of roofing materials and styles on the market to try. If this is your first time replacing or building a roof, then it’s critical to understand the three most common roofing mistakes. If you know these common missteps, you can prevent your reroofing project from falling apart, literally.

Lack of Attic Ventilation

Taking the time to install a quality form of attic ventilation can defend your roof from hazardous build-up like mold. Improving ventilation with materials such as insulation can even protect your roof from ice dams in the winter. Plus, it can help you save on energy bills by allowing heat to flow away from the house instead of allowing it to build up inside. Not only will that hurt your energy bill, but it will also hurt the shingles by enhancing the rate at which they deteriorate.

Poor Roof Valley Flashing Installation

You might think that every part of the roof is equally susceptible to leaks, but that’s not the case. Roof valleys are very prone to leaks because, during heavy rain, the rainfall will ride these valleys down your roof and into the gutters below. To ensure the roof valley can do this without leaking, your contractor needs to get the flashing installation correct. If your contractor doesn’t apply enough sealant to the flashing, it can shift and cause leaks instead of preventing them.

Choosing the Wrong Contractor

You can avoid the issues above and many more with a good contractor by your side. However, it’s not a rarity for homeowners to jump the gun a bit too quickly when it comes to contractors. Seeking out client reviews online is crucial, but beyond that, take the time to research the market and ask contractors directly for proof of insurance, certification, pictures, and referrals so you can ensure they maintain good business practices.

It’s also important that they have a knowledge of the roofing material you want to use because if they mess up the installation, the roof will deteriorate sooner. For example, metal roofing has a wide range of benefits, such as its durability, eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, and visual appeal. That said, the roof won’t be able to deliver on those promises without the right installation methods. Getting a good contractor is the last point on our guide to the three most common roofing mistakes, but it’s arguably the most vital one to follow.

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