The 4 Best Ways To Keep Your House Draft-Free

The 4 Best Ways To Keep Your House Draft-Free

Getting rid of drafts might feel daunting, like pushing a boulder uphill. You can try several simple solutions outside of shelling out thousands on home upgrades. Below, we discuss the easiest ways to keep your house draft-free and comfortable.

Reseal the Windows

Resealing the windows is an easy fix you can tackle yourself or hire a professional local window company to do. The issue is that window seals wear over time and tend to allow drafts in through various access points. It’s safe to assume that when one window’s seal is bad, almost all of them will soon follow.

Don’t panic; it’s an easy fix. This is normal for old home windows. You might also be experiencing some common signs of window seal failure. Go ahead and call the window professionals to evaluate the property.

Add New Weatherstripping Around Exterior Doors

Similar to a window’s seal degrading over time, the exterior door’s weatherstripping may be bad or wilted entirely. Adding new weatherstripping is also a relatively easy fix. Still, it can significantly impact your doors’ ability to keep winds and cold air out while trapping the home’s interior air indoors. If you’re unsure what to look for or how to appropriately weatherstrip the doors, hire a contractor who can inspect and complete the job efficiently.

Create Draft-Blocking Devices

When the above ways to keep drafts out of the house don’t work, and you have some free time, consider creating draft-blocking devices to place at the base of your doors. This can be anything from a rolled set of towels to a weighted tube of sand and fabric.

Once you place these at the base of your doors, the draft can’t enter at the bottom of the door, and the home’s interior climate can better self-regulate according to the thermostat’s settings. It’s common for the space between the door and floor to be just wide enough to allow air in. But these blocking devices can do the trick in stopping this and are easy to relocate should the need arise.

Install Permanent Door Sweeps

When temporary solutions no longer serve you best, you can turn to permanent ones, such as installing door sweeps to do away with draft blockers. Door sweeps are permanent attachments you can install on the interior of your exterior-facing doors, and these do the same thing as draft blockers. They keep the drafty air out and the controlled air in.

Even after carrying out these simple but effective solutions around the home, you may find you still need to do more. For example, you may need to invest in new windows and doors altogether. It’s always best to take on the advice of a professional when problems persist.