The Advantages of Upgrading to a Metal Roof

The Advantages of Upgrading to a Metal Roof

You might have heard some misconceptions about metal roofs, like that they attract lightning or make homes hotter, but they’re simply not true. Installing a metal roof on your house is a great idea. It’s easy to see the advantages of upgrading to a metal roof; we’ll explain why here.

Far Less Maintenance

Regular roofs are subject to replacement roughly every 15 years, and they generally require a lot more upkeep. Metal roofs are easy to install and require less maintenance than traditional shingles. You’ll have to exercise caution when walking on a metal roof, but you won’t spend nearly as much time up there for repairs.

Protection From Snow

Dealing with Pittsburgh winters alone is an excellent reason for installing a metal roof. The metal sheets make it difficult for rain and snow to grip them. Protecting your home from the additional weight of those snow-heavy Pennsylvania winters is one of the most significant advantages of upgrading to a metal roof.

Good for the Environment

Installing a metal roof lowers adverse effects on the environment—as well as your electric bills. Metal roofs are made from a recyclable material, which is already a positive. The reflective nature of the metal also pushes back the sun’s waves, which cuts down on your air conditioning needs.

Perfect for Any Season

Although metal roofs prevent snow buildup in the winter, these roofs also work for all climates year round. Metal roofs are fantastic in the summer for reducing moisture buildup on your roof, which prevents moss and fungus from growing. The roofs are ideal solutions for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

From saving you money to being good for the Earth to being less work for your home, metal roofs offer a plethora of advantages you won’t find with traditional shingles. Making the replacement is an investment but one well-worth making.