The Benefits of Neurofeedback Treatment

The city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is one of the most important US cities when it comes to sports. Colorado Springs is called Olympic City since it has been the home of the US Olympic Training Center, the US Olympic Committee, and the headquarters of the US Anti-Doping Agency. 

There are also twenty-four Olympic and more than fifty non-Olympic national sports federations that made Colorado Springs as their base of operations. You can, therefore, assume that the city of Colorado Springs will be the forefront of any sports or performance-related innovations. 

One innovation that is being used to increase the sports-performance of Olympic-bound athletes is biofeedback therapy. Biofeedback is a method of hooking your body up to computers that will analyze how your body responds to different stimuli. The information gathered will give you the ability to subtly control how your body will react to a specific incentive to improve your academic performance. 

The effectiveness of biofeedback has been overwhelmingly successful that neurofeedback treatment in Colorado Springs is now available to treat non-athletic medical conditions as well.

What is Neurofeedback Therapy? 

Neurofeedback therapy is a subclass of biofeedback therapy but focuses more on brain functions and activities. While biofeedback lets you control some of your bodily functions, neurofeedback focuses on how you can train your brain to respond to different stimuli. 

Neurofeedback treatment is a non-drug treatment method where your brain is connected to EEG sensors so that your brainwaves are mapped and monitored as you’re presented with different stimuli. Experts in neurofeedback treatment will then give you a comprehensive analysis of your brainwaves and suggest programs on how you can regulate your brainwave patterns to respond to specific stimuli optimally. Neurofeedback treatment in Colorado Springs is based on two concepts. 

  • Operant Conditioning

Operant conditioning is the belief that rewards and consequences can strengthen behavior. This belief is a tried-and-tested principle of modern psychology where actions of people and animals can be changed by rewarding desired behaviors while giving consequences to undesired ones. Neurofeedback treatment reads your brainwave patterns in real-time as you are subjected to different types of stimuli, such as doing specific activities or watching different videos. Operant conditioning is being done when you’re rewarded for calming your brain down from an anxious state. With regular sessions, you will find it easier to condition your mind to achieve more optimal response to a specific stimulus. 

  • Neural Plasticity 

The concept of neural plasticity is the belief that the brain is structured in such a way that it is always changing and adapting to whatever life demands on us. When you learn to train how your mind would react to different stimuli, you are training your brain to become more prominent. Studies have shown that neurofeedback training leads to increased brain matter. 

Benefits of Neurofeedback Treatments

  • Healthier Brain

Studies have shown that neurofeedback treatment leads to an increase in brain matter, which is an indication of a healthier brain. When your mind is getting bigger, you are lowering your risk of developing dementia and losing memory. 

  • Anxiety and Improved Sleep

Neurofeedback Treatment in Colorado Springs helps you train your brain to react positively to undesirable stimuli. Not being able to sleep immediately at night is often the result of having overactive brain activities even before sleep time. When you can calm yourself in anxiety-causing situations, then you most likely can handle slowing down your brain activities to lull you to sleep.

  • ADHD Symptoms

Neurofeedback treatment may also reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Brain mapping of people with ADHD shows slow-moving brainwave patterns. Neurofeedback treatment can train people with ADHD to increase their brainwave patterns to restore balance to different areas of the brain to relieve ADHD symptoms. 

When you can regulate how your brain functions through neurofeedback treatment, then you can easily change your behavior or attitude towards a lot of different situations. 

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