The Best Apartment Gyms in Pittsburgh

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By Rent. Staff

Whether you’re an aspiring bodybuilder or a treadmill sitcom watcher, the gyms, and the apartments they belong to, are a perfect place to start your next search for your next home. When you look for a place, you have to think about the amenities and these Pittsburgh complexes definitely go all out when it comes to incredible fitness centers.

Pittsburgh is known for many things, but, unfortunately, year-round warm weather isn’t one of them. Because of this, it’s important to have access to a good gym in the colder months to have the option to get your heart rate up without having to head out into the low temperatures. Find your favorite Pittsburgh-based apartment gym below and fill out your application today.

Check out Pittsburgh’s top 10 apartment gyms and see how your setup stacks up against the best in Steel City.

SkyVue Apartments

Setting the standard for apartment gyms in Pittsburgh and first on the list is the fitness center at SkyVue Apartments. With enough cardio machines to accommodate all the residents of the nearly 400-unit complex, traditional weight-lifting machines that make even novices feel at home and more unique features like a rebounder and punching bag, this apartment fitness center empowers every type of fitness seeker.

Located in Pittsburgh’s hip West Oakland neighborhood, SkyVue provides residents with ample opportunity to get out and enjoy the best of what Pittsburgh has to offer. And when temperatures drop, there’s always the option to get your heart rate up in the spacious and temperature-controlled comfort of the complex gym.
The Yards at 3 Crossings

Backed right up to the Allegheny River in the desirable Strip District is The Yards at 3 Crossings. Inside the Yards at 3 Crossings is a well-designed fitness center fit for the kings and queens that are lucky enough to call this upscale complex home.

With soaring ceilings revealing exposed duct work large windows that let in plenty of natural light and flatscreens strategically spaced out so you can always mentally escape the pain that comes with the gains, this gym is a place where everyone can feel comfortable, regardless of their physical prowess. Hop on a treadmill or stationary bike with a view or venture over to the free weights and free those biceps. The choice is yours.

Carson Street Commons

Carson Street Commons is a great place for active people to come home to. From its close proximity to the Monongahela River to its state-of-the-art fitness center with Precor equipment, you’re never short on options to get your blood pumping when you call this South Side apartment complex home.

You’ll find plenty of bonuses like carpeted floors designed to absorb the thuds of any aggressively dropped weights, cardio machines with views of the outdoors and a free weight section with multiple benches so you can work your entire upper body without needing to use a machine. It’s easy to see that a lot of thought went into the design of this gym and helps to make Carson Street Commons one of the premier buildings in Pittsburgh.

Encore Apartments

The expansive fitness center at Encore Apartments in the Cultural District is a great place to work up a sweat, work out the demons of the day and work on improving overall well-being. Open 24 hours a day, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a piece of machinery this well-equipped gym doesn’t have.

As one of the larger fitness centers featured on this list, Encore Apartments benefits from its size and serves as a great place to meet neighbors, make lifestyle changes and move toward accomplishing your fitness goals as a community.

Park West 205

The amenities at Park West 205 are all about fun. Their fitness center features funny motivational quotes on the walls as well as flat-screen TVs in addition to the necessities like ellipticals, a StairMaster and a cable machine.

What sets Park West 205 apart are the additional opportunities for fun and physical activities provided by the complex. Park West 205 has a shuffleboard setup, foosball table and ping pong table. Also, benefitting from its West Pittsburgh location, this complex is just a stone’s throw away from Settlers Cabin Park. Settlers Cabin Park is a great place to walk, go for a run or get your daily dose of fresh air.

Connection at South Side

Designer lighting, large windows and sleek equipment make the fitness center at Connection at South Side one of the finest exercise setups in all of Pittsburgh. Whether you’re getting your steps in on the treadmill before work, readying your arms for pool season with the resistance bands or simply stretching out and staying limber, there’s a place just for you at this gym.

Located in the South Side, this apartment complex and its fitness center are known for quality above all else and are undoubtedly the envy of its neighbors. If you are an active person looking for a complex that is capable of supporting your passions, look no further than Connection at South Side.

Maxon Towers

With vinyl wood floors and ceilings, the overall vibe at the Maxon Towers fitness center is serene. Bathed in natural light and equipped with professional-grade stationary bikes and a rowing machine, this fitness destination is far from basic.

The recreational amenities don’t stop at the gym either. This Point Breeze complex also boasts a basketball court, tennis court, pickleball court and heated swimming pool. Beyond that, it’s also only a short trip from Frick Park and its many wide open spaces, perfect for any and all outdoor activities.

Shadyside Commons

Shadyside Commons is a stunning brick building in North Oakland. Inside that beautiful brick facade is a killer fitness center, housing all the essentials you need to not just reach your fitness goals, but to exceed them. With a varied grip chin-up station, free weight nook, and top-quality stationary bikes to choose from, the opportunity to switch up your workout routine is always right at your fingertips.

Whether you’re looking to sling some serious steel or just hoping to get a stretch in before heading out for a run, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at the Shadyside Commons fitness center.

Grandview Pointe

A great place for active people of all persuasions, Grandview Pointe is tucked away in Pittsburgh’s charming Duquesne Heights neighborhood. With great views and greenery all around, it’s easy to get your steps in surrounded by serene beauty right outside your door.

That being said, Pittsburgh is one of those cities where you experience the full force of all four seasons. As such, you need a place to go to get your sweat on that’s secluded from the elements. That’s where Grandview Pointe’s pristine fitness center comes into play. With clean lines, mirrored walls and a bright aesthetic, the gym in this complex is simply a great place to stay in shape year-round.

Torrente at Upper St. Clair

The fitness center at Torrente at Upper St. Clair makes the most of a smaller footprint by providing residents with the basics they need to be their best selves. With multiple cardio machines, a free weight rack and benches to help you work more than just the glory muscles, this apartment gym has plenty of space and equipment to make a morning workout more pleasurable than you might remember them being.

With a motivational quote above the mirrored wall, the intentions at this Upper St. Clair gym are clear — it’s not about where you start your journey but about where you end up.