The Best Bicycles for Daily Use

If you look on the internet for advice on buying a bicycle, you will likely find plenty of information on the types of bikes people buy when they are really into cycling. However, not everyone is an enthusiast. Chances are you are simply looking for a good bike for daily use. You may want to look at mens and womens hybrid bikes, for example.

Finding the Right Fit

A lot of what makes a bike good for daily use is comfort. You don’t want to be riding through busy streets while commuting to work on an uncomfortable bike.

For most people, the riding position of a road bike is not ideal for daily use. The dropped handles help riders get lower and reduce drag. However, this is not a very comfortable way to ride. To get a sense of the ideal position, try standing with your legs slightly apart, bend your knees and lean forward slightly. You should feel your core stabilizing you. This is roughly the position you should be riding in.

Everyone’s body is a little different so you may want to try a few different saddles. Getting the most comfortable shape will help you enjoy a more pleasant ride. Some people prefer wider saddles and others prefer thinner ones. This is very much a matter of personal preference. That said, wider and more seat-like options are generally found on cruiser bike seats.

Additionally, the handlebar height is an essential factor. Fortunately, on many bikes, these can be adjusted up and down a little. You should be able to comfortably reach the handles without leaning down on your hands too much. Leaning too far forward puts a lot of strain on your lower back.

Choosing the Right Bike

Now that you know a little about finding the ideal fit for a bike, you can start looking for the right option for you. For many people, the right style of bike is a hybrid. These bikes are between road bikes and mountain bikes. They make for excellent city bikes but can also take on some trails or rougher terrain when needed.

Some people prefer foldable bikes that they can take inside when they get to work. This is also a great option if you take the train part of the way on your commute. You can easily bring your bike on board without breaking the rules or inconveniencing other passengers.

E-bikes are another good option. These use a hybrid motor to capture the energy or breaking to power a motor. You can get an extra boost and go further with less work. This can be a good option for people who have to commute a long way every day.

Find Your Bike

Whatever your preferences, start looking today. Riding a bicycle for your daily needs is a great way to get around. Better yet, it is a healthy and inexpensive option, especially compared to driving. When you find the right bike for your needs, commuting can become an enjoyable activity you look forward to. Start exploring the options today to find the perfect fit.

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