The Best Dog Hairstyles for Small Breeds

The Best Dog Hairstyles for Small Breeds

If you’re interested in a career in pet grooming, or you’re already a working professional, you’ll need expert knowledge on preferred dog hairstyles. Understanding how different cuts work for various breeds is essential for any successful groomer. This ensures every pet that leaves your salon looks amazing, and its owners are satisfied with their visits.

An easy way to get better at this skill is to separate animals by size – large, medium, and small. Here are the best dog hairstyles for small breeds.

Classic Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is a classic hairstyle for tiny pooches. It give them a playful, youthful appearance. The style is very simple – an even coat around two inches. This makes facial features and ears pop while properly maintaining long or medium hair. The puppy cut suits dogs of any age, and it helps prevent matting. Additionally, most stylists put their spin on this hairdo, so get creative when doing this cut!

Versatile Kennel Cut

A kennel cut is very similar to a puppy cut. It’s an even coat all around the body. However, kennel cuts are typically shorter at a half-inch to one inch. This style is great for dogs who get groomed less frequently because it requires very little maintenance. Kennel cuts look best on younger pets with thicker hair, but it’s versatile across all breeds!

Poodle Cut

The poodle cut is a great option for pooches with curly hair. While this style is usually used for poodles, it’s also suitable for many other breeds. The cut is short all around the body but with an adorable poof on the top of the head. While this lively style is cute to look at, make sure you tell the client about the maintenance required to keep this cut looking fabulous. Dogs with this cut need regular brushings at least two-three times a week.

Lion Cut

Traditionally, this style is solely for breeds like the Portuguese Water Dog. It accentuates the mane and hair around the legs and tail. Since you might not see many Portugues Water Dogs in your salon, consider implementing this cut for other furry breeds. It’s not a style that many dogs can pull off, so ensure the client’s pooch has plenty of hair with which to work. Dogs that look great in this tyle include Lowchens, Pomeranians, and some poodles.

By understanding the best dog hairstyles for small breeds, you can ensure clients leave your salon smiling and with their pets’ tails wagging. Make sure you have well cared-for grooming shears and other tools ready before attempting more complex styles. Remember to share your work on social media to showcase your skills to new, potential customers.