The Best Eyelash Extension Maintenance Tools to Have On-Hand

The Best Eyelash Extension Maintenance Tools to Have On-Hand

If you have professionally applied eyelash extensions, you’ve probably had to care for them. Though eyelash extensions are a wonderful way for women to achieve thicker, fuller lashes that complement their personal style, it doesn’t change the fact that these beauty products difficult to maintain. Furthermore, failing to do so can keep them from lasting as long as they typically should. So, to make the process of caring for your lashes a bit easier, try acquiring some of the best eyelash extension maintenance tools for your beauty kit.

Lash Tweezers

Eyelash tweezers are used in both the application of a new set of eyelash extensions and the maintenance to come in the following weeks. These tools allow you to pick out stray lashes and either move them back into place or detach them if they’re damaged. These steps help you better retain your comfort while wearing your extensions as well as clean up their appearance before a day out.

Eyelash Extension Tape

Eyelash extension tape is also an important item to have available as it allows you to hold down your already present lashes while you maintain the others. Because of the volume of some lash extensions, it can be difficult to properly groom them without potentially harming the hairs next to them. This tape keeps all of your natural lashes out of the way and protected while you go about brushing them out.

Lash Brushes

Similarly, another important eyelash extension maintenance tool to have on-hand is a set of bristled lash brushes to separate your extensions. As you shower and sleep, it’s common for your lash extensions to loosen, droop, and even twist around one another. This can deteriorate their overall appearance and reduce the product’s longevity. Brushing your extensions out occasionally can return these hairs to their former position and remove any loose extensions that are causing you discomfort.

Eyelash Extension Cleaning Solution

Make sure you also have a bottle of specialized cleaning solution around to remove excess oils and dirt from the surface of lashes. Natural oils from our faces, in addition to dirt and dust from the environment, can wear away at the extension adhesive on your eyelids. If left to sit, these oils can render the adhesive ineffective and cause your extensions to fall off. Because of this, it’s recommended that you use a gentle foam cleanser to clean your lashes once a week.

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