The Best Features To Add to Multi-Housing Laundry Room

The Best Features To Add to Multi-Housing Laundry Room

As a property owner, one of your responsibilities is to provide quality amenities to your tenants. One of the sought-after amenities by renters is a laundry room. A well-maintained laundry room is a valuable asset to new tenants and a relied-upon amenity to existing ones. But to make the amenities worthwhile, you need to update your laundry room with modern features. Here are the best features to add to a multi-housing laundry room that your tenants will surely appreciate.

Card-Operated Machines and Digital Apps

Coin-operated machines aren’t the best appliance to have around all the time. Tenants must take time out of their day to go to the store and withdraw money to get quarters for the laundry room. Instead, try out another payment method, like card-operated machines. A card-operated machine lets tenants load funds onto a laundry card and use it on the machines.

Another payment method to try is an app. Using digital payment methods is better than cash because it minimizes the spread of germs and saves space on the floor. You no longer need to go back and refill the coin machine every time it runs out of quarters.

Folding Tables and Chairs

Apartments are often small and lack the space for tenants to fold and sort their laundry. Adding folding tables and chairs to the laundry room can help solve this problem. These tables help every tenant sort and organize their laundry so they can quickly move on to other tasks.

Wall-Mounted Drying Racks 

Wall-mounted drying racks are a great way to conserve space in the laundry room. You can mount these racks on the wall and extend them when needed, providing plenty of space for tenants to hang their wet clothes. Since these racks are on the wall, they open up the space for tenants to move around and sort their laundry efficiently.

Laundry Room Attendant Services

A laundry attendant can manage the room by keeping it tidy and ensuring all machines work correctly. Attendants also help fix malfunctioning machines, answer tenants’ questions about operating the devices, and clean out the laundry room and appliances when needed.

These features give laundry rooms better functionality and make them more attractive to tenants. These features work together to create an exceptional laundry room that tenants will appreciate. Before embarking on your next renovation, consider the features you would want as a tenant and add them in!