The Best Ways To Help Bees in Your Backyard

The Best Ways To Help Bees in Your Backyard

As the most important pollinator species, bees remain integral to the success of many ecosystems. However, as pesticide use and environmental changes continue to make it difficult for them to thrive, finding ways to support them becomes even more important. Knowing some of the best ways to help bees in your backyard is crucial to their survival in the future.

Use Natural Pesticides

Pesticides that are widely used among commercial-grade farms are some of the biggest dangers to local bees. These prevention methods are known to paralyze and kill bees or reduce their ability to create warmth in the winter. This can eventually lead to a collapse of a colony after just one season, further weakening the population. Natural pesticides such as soap sprays, vegetable oils, or custom mixes specific to what you’re trying to keep out are all much healthier for the bees in your garden.

Support Local Beekeepers

Beekeepers are bastions of support for the longevity of local bee populationss. By supporting them via fundraisers or buying their products, you aid them in their pursuit to keep their bees alive and healthy. Buying beekeeper-made products such as hot honey or making direct donations are great ways to ensure beekeepers can make the necessary preparations for their hives to survive.

Accommodate Visiting Bees

Bees generally have a natural aptitude for gathering honey, but providing more sources such as local flowers is a small way to help out. Plus, as more land is repurposed for housing or other ventures, bees must fly farther and farther from their hives to find suitable sources of food. For those long distances, providing a bee bath to help them hydrate for the long flight home ensures they make it back safe and sound.

Bees continue to reign supreme as the best pollinators to maintain the health of local ecosystems. However, bees don’t live luxurious lives, and they sometimes struggle to survive in the wild. By using some of these ways to help bees in your backyard, you provide them a better chance of survival in the future.