The crisis of a toxic relationship and tips to overcome it

Relationship demands a long sustained continuity which is not necessarily to be always smooth and cozy. It is often struck by the hard reality of life, and sometimes it becomes really hard to consider it sail into a relationship at all. Even sometimes the understanding between the two people having in a relationship deteriorates so much that it starts emitting toxic impact all around. It badly starts impacting their personal relationship as well as their social life.

Since a genuine relationship develops on the basis of understanding and acceptance between the two people and eventually the romanticism that develops between them becomes the adhesive factor amongst their relationship, therefore when their relationship starts taking a critical shape, the first thing badly starts missing between them is the romanticism.

Therefore, it is very important for any couple to understand when a relationship starts becoming toxic and how to overcome such a difficult situation in order to save a beautiful relation that started with a lot of promise.

Toxic relationship—– what does it actually mean?

According to the experts and specialists regarding the subject, a toxic relationship occurs when the people involved in a relationship stop showing respect to each other, bearing each other’s fault, understanding and supporting each other, and on the contrary, engage themselves in competition to establish one’s own superiority over the other in every earthly matter mostly financial and social. Since the disrespect between the two people becomes the most dominant factor that is why what starts getting missing between them is the cohesiveness that all together holds the relationship in the long run. 

Since the relationship develops with the continuity of the journey between the two people close to each other, therefore it is quite natural that it will have many ups and downs. When everything runs smoothly in a relationship, it is the most pleasant thing one can avail in this material world. But when some unwanted issues start growing between them, it gradually becomes horrific to those people involved in it. It affects not only affects one’s mental and psychological condition but also its impacts and gradually destroys one’s physical health condition in due course of time. 

That is why the experts term this state of relationship as toxic. Not necessarily it happens between the people involved in a romantic relationship; it occurs in other relationships as well. It can happen between father and son, brother and sister, mother and daughter, between two brothers or sisters, or even between two friends.

How a relationship becomes toxic?

There are various findings amongst the psychiatrists, psychologists, and experts of human relationship as the major reasons and symptoms of the relationship between two people that have become toxic according to them.

When one starts feeling extremely nervous deal with once partner old and extremely uncomfortable feeling start developing between them whenever the need to exchange or communicate, it is undoubtedly a sign of toxic growth within their relationship. Even in a situation like this one can feel that it is quite hard to talk as even the voice may get choked. This starts happening due to the gradual development of the mental gap between the two people in a relationship for a prolonged period of time.

According to some experts, it is not only difficult to pass the time with your partner when your relationship develops toxicity but also you may find it absolutely challenging to pass the time whenever you are alone and trying time within your own self. You may start feeling that you may not have your own personal time to spend in order to meet your own personal requirement since you have to spend most of your time for the sake and purpose of the other people and that you are giving everything you have for them. 

It may leave quite a negative mark in one’s subconscious mind and eventually it may even lead to depression as well. The experts suggest that the other family members and the family friends have a very crucial role to play here in order to repair the damage to their already toxic relationship. If it is observed that any one of a family member or in a friend circle already involved in a relationship is showing sign of depression and resentment, it should take notice immediately, and the people around should start talking and exchanging thoughts with him or her.

Many times it is revealed that the concerned person showing the sign of depression, often feel himself or herself accustomed to the relationship which is nothing but a frequent repetition of everyday actions missing any bondage of passion or emotion. That is why in a certain point of time relationship might appear to that person as a mere obligation.

What one needs to do when stuck into a toxic relationship?

When the situation becomes too grave between the two people in order to maintain the relationship, it needs some urgent interventions in order to rescue it. In the world of the extreme material desire of the present time, it is not quite easy to develop a sustained relationship between the two people. But still, it is difficult to say which one can last for good or can evolve as more and more unshakable and unfaltering.

It is often found that a promising relationship between two people that was growing quite amazingly up to a certain extent, starts revealing unexpected cracks in the course of time. For the sake of protecting that relationship, it is to be intervened at the earliest.

In the case of developing an emotional gap, it is the intervention and counseling of their other close friends and relatives who can play a significant role in order to bridge the gap. A third party counseling is quite helpful and effective in a situation like this in order to develop the lost faith and love between those two people who were once deeply emotionally involved with each other. A long-distance trip together also has a great impact on repairing their lost bonding and gradually eliminating the toxicity developed within their relationship. 

But in some extreme cases, the level of toxicity can rise to that extent which may lead to even the case of physical assault. In such a grave and horrific situation, it is urgently required to involve the authorized personnel to intervene immediately. You can book coaching with Dr Heidiif you want to know about your relationship. 

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