The Do’s and Don’ts of Sending Thank You Cards

Occasions come and go, but something that doesn’t change is extending your appreciation to someone. If you’ve been wondering how to add thank you notes to your repertoire of gratitude, then study this easy-to-use guide for some do’s and don’ts of sending thank you cards.

Learn Why to Send a Thank You Card


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Writing thank you cards offers a great deal of versatility. You’ll find many occasions that call for sending a thank-you card.

For personal matters, you might send a thank you note to acknowledge a birthday, holiday, or graduation gift you’ve received. You also could show your gratitude to someone for simply being important in your life or because you want to acknowledge an individual for helping you when you were in need.

Likewise, knowing when to send thank you cards can be useful in your professional life, no matter what position you find yourself in throughout your career. For example, you could be an eager job candidate who wants to follow up after an interview. On the other hand, you could be a team leader who wants to celebrate your workers, or you might have a long list of clients you want to reach out to for business opportunities.

Learn a Writing Routine

When writing a thank you note, you want a method to help you make the most of your time when you’re writing your note.

For example, you’ll likely want to start your note with a simple greeting to the person you intend to thank. When you reach the body of your message, you’ll want to get to the heart of the matter. Remember why you are thanking your recipient. Add specific details so that you know you have made it personal.

To close the thank you card, you’ll want to add what you are looking forward to in your relationship with the recipient. Mention your thanks one more time, then end with a sincere closing.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Send a Thank You Card

While technology has given us the ability to respond quickly with email and text messages, receiving a handwritten thank you card in the mail is a special experience. To show you value someone’s kindness and generosity, you shouldn’t delay sending a thank you card. It is always the perfect time to wish a happy work anniversary and there’s no specific way to do it.

Whether you are thanking someone for a thoughtful gift or reminding a potential employer of your interest in a job, make sure you’re always prepared to send your thank you card.

Don’t Choose Your Words Carelessly

Keep your thank you card on point by remembering the occasion for which you are thankful. Think about the words to say that are appropriate for the occasion and your intended recipient. Whether you have a business or personal reason behind your thank you, keep the context of the acknowledgment in mind when crafting your thank you note.

Writing and sending thank you cards do not have to be complicated tasks. Knowing the occasions for sending a thank you card can ensure you’re always prompt with your acknowledgments.

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