The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Moving

When you are planning a move, the last thing you want is to have surprise expenses at the end. Having an accurate idea of the total cost of moving is vital because it helps you plan and find ways to save money. To create a precise idea of the costs, you will need to know the factors that affect the costs of moving. 

1. The Distance Of The Move

The first factor that impacts any move is the distance. This is crucial if you are going to hire out of state moving companies to help. Distance is used as part of their calculations when creating an estimate. 

While considering the distance, you also need to look at whether this is an interstate or intrastate move. Interstate moves will cost more because the moving company needs to have the proper licensing. To legally provide interstate moving services, companies have to get a US Department of Transport number and have the correct insurance to cover the move. These additional costs to the business will filter down to you as the consumer. 

2. The Moving Services

Another factor that affects the cost when working with an out of state moving company is the services you are getting. Most moving companies have several services you can choose from for varying costs. The basic service is for them to collect your packed belongings and move them to your new home. 

This basic service will be the cheapest because it requires the least amount of work from the company. It is important to note that some companies offer pavement to pavement service. This means they will not enter your home to pick up the boxes and leave them outside your new home. 

The cost of your move will increase if you look for packing services as well. This is a service you should consider if you are moving long distance or have precious items to move. As the name suggests, the moving company will pack your belongings for you with this service. 

The overall cost of the packing service will vary depending on the size of the move. The more items need to be packed; the more expensive the service will be. Large and fragile items generally increase costs as well. 

3. The Overall Size Of The Move

When you look for moving company estimates, you will be asked about the size of the move. This is one of the significant factors that affect the cost because it affects the truck the company needs to use and how long the move will take. Generally, the more items you are moving, the most this will cost. 

If you are moving long distance, you will also need to consider the weight of your move. Heavy items will increase the cost of the move, and you need to factor this in. However, with these types of moves, the moving company will generally do an in-home estimate where you can ask for details about the effect of weight on the costs. 

When you look at the size of the move, you also need to look at the size of your home. If your property is hard to navigate, your moving costs will increase. Additionally, if you live in an apartment building without a working lift, your costs will increase. The easier it is for the movers to get your items, the lower the costs will be. 

4. The Time Of The Move

Moving at certain times of the year will be more expensive than at other times. This is due to the demand for moving services at certain times. Generally, moving in the summer months will cost much more than moving in the winter months. Additionally, moving around the holidays will also be more expensive. 

There is no way to overcome these costs other than waiting until the low season to move. This season is fall and winter because fewer people move at this time. The lower demand for the service of the movers results in lower costs. 

It is not only the time of year that affects the costs. The time of the month can do this as well. It is generally cheaper to move in the last two weeks of a month than the first two weeks. Moving during the week will also be cheaper than moving over the weekend. 

5. The Moving Insurance

Out of state moving companies should have basic moving insurance. This insurance will never cover the full costs of your items, and you need to consider this. If you have items that are of sentimental value or high monetary value, you need to get your insurance. This will ensure that you have the right coverage should the item be damaged in transit. 

Some moving companies offer full value protection. With this insurance, they will assume full liability for the full costs of replacing or repairing any items damaged in transit. Of course, working with these companies will increase the costs of the move. 

6. Accommodation Costs

This is a cost you only need to consider when moving long-distance. It is also a cost that many people forget about, but should not. When moving long-distance, you will generally arrive at your destination before your possessions. This means you need somewhere to stay as you wait for the moving company to arrive, and you have to factor these costs into the overall moving budget. 

Many factors affect the total cost of moving; some of these factors are easy to determine, such as the cost of hiring an out of state moving company; others are often forgotten, such as accommodation or insurance.

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