The Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Unveiled

A carpet is similar to a giant sponge. Bacteria, sediments, mites, allergens, and dust gather on as well as within the fibers which are tough to remove. These particles then get kicked into the air as people move over the carpeted area while some are breathed-in invariably. Although regular vacuuming may help to alleviate a part of these particles, for a thorough clean up, an annual carpet cleaning service from a professional company such as SafeDry Upholstery Cleaning will be an ideal choice. After all, it will help clear all the contaminants that are tough-to-remove.

Significance of Clean Carpets 

  • Excellent for Respiratory Health- Any form of indoor air pollutants may take a toll on health. Particularly in homes having small children, that spend maximum time crawling on the floor, dirt present in the carpet can increase their exposure greatly to such pollutants from indirect inhalation. Carpet cleaning services will work wonders in eliminating the source of such pollutants, thereby reducing the severity of various respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma. 

As per the US EPA, most soils trapped in carpets may trap toxic airborne gases. The moment the carpet gases get agitated, such toxic gases get released and inhaled, which is detrimental to health. No wonder homes having dirty carpets have air quality, which is worse than that surrounding the outside air. Commercial carpet cleaning services can remove such toxic contaminants; thereby help people to breathe easy.

  • Reduce Contaminants- As opposed to mere vacuuming, the professional carpet cleaning services uses high-temperature steam, specialized drying equipment, and cleaning agents of professional-grade. These help other areas associated with people’s health too. Using hot steam helps to reduce bacteria, which can make people fall sick and also defends dust mite infestations that can add to the airborne contamination, especially in the likes of molded body parts and insect feces. 

Professionals can also help to remove odors, including trapped and obvious, present in the carpet fibers. Last but not the least; they will finally remove various unknown substances which lie in the carpet such as moisture. Though this not much common in arid desert climates, however, this can become a problem while using rented cleaning tools which cannot dry the carpet fibers properly in the home.  

The bottom line is, carpets at home tend to trap various forms of dust particles, allergens, and bacteria present in the air. These airborne dust particles are linked with breathing problems, sinus, nose problems, and asthma. Such contaminants of not removed on time from the carpet may lead to several health issues, particularly in case of young children. Though vacuuming is a vital part of carpet maintenance, it alone will fail to eliminate such contaminants. 

Bacteria, dirt, and dust which have gathered over time on a carpet can best be removed through professionals that are adept in this domain and use professional grade tools and products to sanitize and clean the home. Hurry contact the best professional carpet cleaning service provider near you to reap the benefits of a spic and span house. 

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